How To Get Toothpaste Out Of A Carpet

If you have a carpet in your bathroom, or tend to wander around while brushing your teeth, then you know how challenging getting toothpaste out of a carpet can be. 

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will be telling you exactly how to get toothpaste out of a carpet. 

There are several ways to clean out toothpaste from a carpet, but the method you opt for should be determined depending on the age and severity of the stain. You may be able to get away with a quick water-based fix, or you may require a harsher form of cleaning with chemicals.

We break down some of the most effective methods to get toothpaste out of a carpet, with step-by-step guides and products. 

What this article covers:

How To Get Fresh Toothpaste Out Of A Carpet

how to remove toothpaste from carpet

If you find yourself with fresh toothpaste on the carpet, get to work on cleaning it immediately for a quick and easy removal process. 

When the toothpaste is still wet and fresh, you can usually just use soap and water to remove it completely. This is because it is still able to loosen and foam, which makes it easier to get out. This applies well when getting powder makeup out of a carpet.

The biggest upside to this simple method is that you will likely already have all the products you need in your cupboard, so you can do a quick fix without the need to pop out to the store for supplies first. 

Scoop Out Toothpaste

Use a small spoon to scoop up as much excess toothpaste as possible. If it is fresh, you will likely be able to remove more than half of the toothpaste in this first step, making the next cleaning steps much easier to do. 

Scoop gently to avoid pressing more toothpaste into the carpet. This is relevant to any wet stain, like removing hair dye from a carpet.

Combine Solution

In a jug or bowl, mix a cup of warm water with one teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap. Combine well, and then transfer to a spray bottle. Ensure the water is lukewarm, and not too hot, to avoid harm to yourself and/or melting the spray bottle. 

This simple solution also works well with powder-based spills, like cleaning eyeshadow off the carpet.

how to get dried toothpaste out of carpet

Apply Solution

Spray the area stained with toothpaste with the cleaning solution. Spray generously enough to soak through the stain adequately. You can make more solutions if necessary. 

Leave it to settle into the carpet fibers for about five minutes. 

Dab the Area

Use a clean, dry cloth to dab the dampened area repeatedly. Apply a bit of pressure while doing this, as this will draw out the moisture together with any toothpaste in the carpet fibers. 

Alternate between different patches of your cloth to always have a dry side applied to the carpet. If the stain is big, you may need a second cloth on standby. 

Continue this until the cloth is coming up dry, and there is no more excess moisture to draw out. Leave to air dry completely for a few hours. 

Check Carpet

Once the area is completely dry, check the carpet to see if the stain is gone. If there are still remnants of the toothpaste, repeat the process for the best results. 

How To Get Dried Toothpaste Out of A Carpet

if you don’t spot a toothpaste spill right away, you may have a dried stain to deal with. This can be slightly trickier, but with a good quality professional carpet cleaning product, you don’t have to worry. 

how to clean toothpaste off carpet

Specialized cleaning products are ideal for stubborn stains as they are formulated to remove that specific type of mess. When you use them, you will see fast and effective results. These products are also less likely to cause damage to your carpet, unlike other general cleaning products which contain unfamiliar chemicals that could bleach or burn the fabric. 

Stronger products like this work well on other stubborn stains, like getting eyeliner pencil out of a carpet.

Scrape Off Dried Paste

You will start by scraping off as much excess toothpaste as possible. With a dried stain, this will be done most effectively with a butter knife, which also works well to get nail polish off of a carpet

Then use a broom or vacuum to remove this excess debris before starting on the stain. 

Prepare Cleaner

Next, you will need your professional cleaning product. We recommend our RSF Red Label Cherry Bomb carpet cleaning pre-spray. 

remove toothpaste from carpet

This pre-spray is non-corrosive and goes the extra mile when cleaning your carpet. The non-sticky formula eliminates any stubborn stains on the carpet and works well when combined with a water-extraction cleaning machine. 

It also leaves your carpet as soft as new, and as the name suggests, it leaves behind a pleasant, fruity smell.

Follow the directions on the bottle of the product to mix and prepare it accordingly, then apply the solution to the stained area. 

Rinse Carpet

Once applied generously enough, leave it to settle into the fibers for 5-10 minutes. 

You will then rinse out the product. You can do this one of two ways:

  1. Apply cold water onto the area, and then use a dry and absorbent cloth to dab the area and remove as much moisture as possible until the cloth comes up dry. Then leave it to air dry completely. 
  2. Use the Orbital carpet cleaning machine to clean, rinse and dry the area completely. This will speedily scrub and wash out the carpet, and then dry it completely to avoid waiting times for air drying. 

how to clean toothpaste out of carpet

Check Area

Check the area carefully to ensure the stain has cleared completely. If not, repeat the process from the beginning. If you have a toothpaste stain on tiled floors, a professional concrete cleaner would work here.

how to remove dried toothpaste from carpet

How To Get Blue Toothpaste Out Of A Carpet

White toothpaste on a carpet may be relatively inconspicuous, if it happens to be the bright blue kind, the stain can be more obvious.

You may need a slightly harsher cleaning method than just water and liquid soap solution, so it is best to introduce another common household product: baking soda. This works well for any pigmented stain, like removing makeup from a carpet.

Baking soda is a super product for any mess that needs a clean-up and works well for stains that have been sitting for a few hours. Combined with vinegar as another essential you will likely find in your pantry, the stain will be gone in no time. 

Remove Excess Toothpaste

First, remove any excess toothpaste from the carpet using a spoon to gently scoop it off, leaving you with as little toothpaste to clean as possible. 

Try to scoop inwards on the stain, as scooping outwards can spread it around, making the stain even larger. 

Dampen Area

Next, dampen the stained area with warm water. You can use a spray bottle or dampen a cloth with water and press it into the carpet. 

Apply enough water to soak through the carpet fibers, but not too much so that it floods the carpet. 

Apply Baking Soda

how to remove toothpaste stains from carpet

Grab your baking soda, and sprinkle it onto the dampened area. Apply enough baking soda to cover the stained area completely, with a layer that is about 2mm thick. 

Leave this to settle into the carpet for about 15 minutes. The baking soda should absorb the water and toothpaste particles, effectively clearing up the stain. 

Scrub Area

After the baking soda has set into the carpet, use a small scrubbing brush or toothbrush (anything with soft bristles) to gently scrub the stained area, and help with the removal of the toothpaste. 

Do this for 2-3 minutes. 

Rinse Carpet

Rinse the area using cold water. Do this by applying the water generously over the area, and then use a dry, soft cloth to blot the carpet and remove as much moisture as possible. 

Continue until the cloth comes up dry, and then leave the carpet to air dry for a few hours, or overnight. 

Check Area

Once fully dry, check the carpet to see if the stain has cleared. If it has not, you can repeat the process. If it has, use a vacuum to clean up any excess baking soda that may still be on the carpet. 

Remove Odor (optional)

how to get dry toothpaste out of carpet

If the smell of toothpaste still lingers on the carpet, you may need to carry out this extra step to remove the odor. 

Combine 2 tablespoons of white spirit vinegar with a cup of warm water in a small bowl. Use a small cotton ball or cotton pad to dip into the vinegar solution, and then gently apply it to the stained area. 

Continue dabbing the solution onto the stained area until it is lightly dampened. Leave this to sit for about 5 minutes, then rinse the area out with cold water. Use a dry cloth to blot the area and absorb the moisture, before leaving it to air dry for a few hours. 

Once the area is dry, check if any smell of the toothpaste remains. If so, repeat this step. 


Dropping toothpaste on your carpet does not have to be a disaster. If you are equipped with the right products and know-how to get it out quickly and effectively, you’ll be able to have your carpet looking as good as new 

First, assess how old and how large the stain is. Then you can go on to decide the method that works best for you. Regardless of the method you choose, it is always best to attend to a stain as soon as you spot it, as this will make the process far simpler. 

When heavy-duty cleaning is needed, be it for toothpaste or cleaning lipstick out of a carpet, professional cleaning products are always the way to go. Whether it is a carpet pre-spray, a rinse, or a vacuum, the products, and equipment designed for this type of stain are naturally going to get the job done best.

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