How to Get Powder Makeup out of Carpet

Any carpeted home will experience its fair share of accidental messes and spills. These mishaps are part of daily life and are hard to avoid. One of the most common carpet issues in bedrooms is spilling cosmetics, especially powdered makeup.

When your carpets are a light color, this can be even more nerve-wracking. But it doesn’t have to be. Simply follow our guidelines below for how to get powder makeup out of the carpet. Your carpet will be looking clean and beautiful again in next to no time. 

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How To Get Powdered Makeup Out Of A Carpet

how to get powdered makeup out of carpet

Powdered makeup itself is not that difficult to remove from carpets. The main problem with powder makeup spills is the color. But have no fear. Whether you need to clean eyeshadow off the carpet or remove liquid makeup from the carpet, there is a professional carpet cleaning product fit for the job. 

Professional Method To Remove Powder Makeup

First, vacuum up the excess powder makeup from the carpet with a vacuum or mini vac. Don’t be tempted to use a miniature broom and scoop, and you may brush the makeup onto the clean areas of the carpet.

Once you have removed this excess, treat any remaining discoloration of your carpet with one of our professional carpet cleaning chemicals. They are your best option for removing all kinds of makeup stains on carpeted floors. 

how to get highlighter makeup out of carpet

This is true for removing powdered makeup, as well as getting nail polish out of your carpet and even getting eyeliner pencils out of the carpet. And you have two choices: spot treatment or all-over cleaning.

Spot Treatments

Want to spray, blot, and walk away? Our Rave Spotter stain remover, with its easy-use formula and trigger nozzle applicator, makes short work of powder makeup stains. It is one of our top-selling spot and stain removers and is effective on almost any other household stain you’ll ever face.

how to get powder foundation out of carpet

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning with hot water extraction will remove dirt, grime, and most stains from any carpeted surface. So if your bedroom carpet is covered with several set-in powdered makeup or other stains, this is the best method for you.

One of the best products for overall carpet cleaning and removal of minor everyday stains is Rob’s Secret Formula Black Label Soap-Free Rinse. This powerful detergent and rinse are free of ammonia, bleach, and other harsh solvents. Enhanced with a sweet breeze fragrance, it also deodorizes carpets.

how to remove powdered makeup out of carpet

Black Label Rinse is a powdered product, designed to be added to the water tank for hot water extraction and carpet cleaning. It can also be used as a pre-spray. Best for polyester carpets, it may also work on certain wools.

Certain stains need extra attention. If you need to remove hair color from the carpet, use specially formulated color stain removers for the best results. Our Pig Out stain remover powder effortlessly removes the pigment from stubborn color stains and is suited for hot water extraction carpet cleaning. 

Home Remedy To Remove Powder Makeup 

We understand that you may not always have some professional carpet care products available. This is where many of you will resort to home remedies to fix your carpet disasters. This remedy will work for powder makeup stains, in a pinch.

You will need the following household items:

  • A vacuum cleaner or hand-held mini vac
  • A mixing bowl filled with warm water
  • Mild liquid dish detergent (bleach-free)
  • A soft, clean cloth
  • Extra, clean tap water
  • An old, clean towel

First, you need to remove the excess powder from the carpet’s surface. Do so with the vacuum or mini vac. 

Once you have removed this excess, treat any remaining discoloration of your carpet by following these 3 steps.

Make A Soapy Solution

how to remove highlighter makeup out of carpet

Add a few drops of the dish detergent to the bowl of water until you have a mild soapy solution. Apply this with the cloth, dabbing at the stain rather than rubbing or scrubbing it. 

Rinse And Repeat

Keep rinsing the cloth and reapplying the soap solution until you no longer see any stains. Now you need to rinse the area, to remove any trace of detergent. 

Empty the bowl and replace it with fresh, clean water. If it is more convenient, you can use a cup for the cool rinse water. Pour the rinse water slowly over the area, being careful not to soak the carpet too much. 

Blot With A Towel

Press down with the old towel until all the excess rinse water moisture has been absorbed. Then allow the carpet to air dry naturally.

How Effective Are Home Remedies For Makeup Stains?

No cleaning hack will ever match a professional detergent or stain remover’s dirt and stain removal power. Some home cleaning hacks are effective for everything from removing toothpaste stains from the carpet to removing powder makeup from your carpet.

Yet despite cleaning hacks' success with many stains, for removing a lipstick stain from a carpet, you’ll need professional products.


Messing powder makeup on your bedroom floor doesn’t have to spell doom for your carpet or rug. With the powerful cleaning agents and expert stain removers in our range of carpet care products, you’ll handle any makeup spill like a professional.

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