How to Get Lipstick out of a Carpet

You try so hard to keep your carpets clean and blemish-free. But with one drop of your make-up your purse, it looks as though it was all in vain. There’s no need to stress, though, because we have the solution.

Follow the advice in our stain removal guide, and you’ll never worry about how to get lipstick out of the carpet again. We’ve got the best professional stain removal methods, as well as a home remedy you can use in a pinch.

How To Clean Lipstick Out Of A Carpet

With every carpet stain, the professional method of stain removal is best. That means using carpet cleaning products that are designed to safely remove embedded dirt and grime and lift stains. 

how to remove lipstick from carpet

This is especially true when it comes to lipstick stains on carpets. This is because lipstick is usually made out of three basic ingredients: pigment, oil, and wax. And these substances are especially tough to clean out of a carpet.

Because of this challenging mix of ingredients, you need a specially formulated product designed for removing these substances. That is why the professional method below is the most effective at removing lipstick stains.

Professional Method 

We have a stain removal product that is specifically designed to remove products like lipstick from your carpets or upholstery. 

It’s called Super Gel gel spotter, and it not only removes lipstick, but it is also effective on crayons, gum, grease, oil, and candle wax. What’s more, Super Gel is ideal for use as a pre-spot treatment on both natural and synthetic fibers.

remove lipstick from carpet

But, if you’re dealing with very deeply pigmented stains, we recommend using a product called Pig Out. It’s also the best one to choose if you need to remove hair dye stains from the carpet.

how to get red lipstick out of carpet

Remove The Excess Lipstick 

Before using Super Gel or Pig Out, remove any excess lipstick stuck on the surface of the carpet with a teaspoon and paper towel. Most of it may be sitting on the surface, and once removed, the spot will be easier to treat.

Apply The Stain Remover 

Then simply apply the Super Gel liquid or Pig Out powder to the stain, as per the instructions on the packaging. Agitate the product and let it sit for a bit so that the chemicals can get to work on dissolving the pigments, oils, and waxes. This is also effective for getting liquid eyeliner out of a carpet.

Clean Your Carpet With A Water Extraction Machine

Proceed with hot water extraction cleaning, using a water-based carpet cleaning machine or hydro-vac, and any one of our carpet detergents. They are all compatible with each other and will offer the best results for all-over carpet cleaning and brightening. 

Home Remedy For Lipstick Stains On Carpet

how to remove lipstick stains from carpet

If you haven’t gotten around to getting some of our top carpet stain removers yet, don’t stress. You can always try the following home remedy.

A word of caution, though. This cleaning hack may be effective for getting eyeshadow out of the carpet or removing toothpaste from a carpet. But it may not be enough to remove very set-in or bright lipstick stains. 

We only ever recommend using a home remedy if you are unable to treat the stain with professional products, and need to remove it quickly.

If you need to get powdered makeup out of a carpet, this should do the trick. But when it comes to lipstick stains, results may vary. As mentioned above, it’s best to clean up the stain as quickly as possible before it gets tramped in and spread further. Then proceed with the steps below. 

You will need:

  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • A soft clean cloth
  • An old, clean toothbrush
  • A bowl of ordinary tap water

Apply Baking Soda And Vinegar

Sprinkle baking soda over the lipstick stain, making sure to cover it completely. Add up to a tablespoon of white vinegar, just enough to cover the baking soda. It will start to fizz. 

Agitate Foam With Brush

remove lipstick stain from carpet

Use the old, clean toothbrush to gently agitate the foaming mixture. Move in small circles, do not press too hard or move side to side as you may spread the stain. Leave it to sit for a couple of minutes.

Rinse With Cloth And Water

Moisten the cloth in the bowl of water and dab at the area to remove the cleaning paste. Continue rinsing and reapplying the cloth until the carpet is clear. 

Once all the vinegar/baking soda paste has been removed, the lipstick stain should have gone with it. Bear in mind that this remedy may not always be effective, and should only be used if no carpet care products are available. 


Lipstick is one of the most difficult makeup stains to remove from a carpet. But the reality is that you will face this carpet issue at some time or other. 

Although the ingredients in lipstick make it quite a challenge for ordinary cleaners, this is no problem for our professional stain removers. So get some of our carpet detergents and stain removal products today, and you’ll always be prepared for any carpet problem.

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