How to Clean Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

If you have outdoor porcelain tiles and don’t know how to clean them properly, then you’ve come to the right place. Porcelain tiles are a popular choice for outdoor use because they’re durable and can handle all kinds of weather.

But they need to be taken care of regularly to make sure they stay in good shape and keep them looking great. When you take care of your tiles the right way, they not only make your home look better, but they also last longer, saving you money in the long run.

Cleaning tiles outside can be harder than cleaning tiles inside because they are exposed to dirt, dust, rain, and people walking on them. These things cause dirt, grime, and spots to build up on the surface of the tile, making it look dull and ugly.

Luckily, we’re here. With our years of experience, we can teach you how to clean outdoor porcelain tile the right way. So if you’re stuck, read on.

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Factors to Consider When Cleaning Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Type of Dirt & Stains

Before you clean your porcelain tiles, you should figure out what kind of dirt you're dealing with. This lets you pick the best way to clean and the best tools for the job. Some common stains on outdoor tiles are:

  • Dirt and mud: This is usually caused by foot traffic and is generally easy to clean up with light soap and water.
  • Grease and oil: Spills from outdoor cooking or car fluids can leave behind tough grease and oil spots that may need a degreasing tool to get rid of.
  • Mold and mildew: These spots appear in damp places and may need a special mold and mildew cleaner or a vinegar solution to get rid of them.
  • Efflorescence: Water-soluble salts can cause white, powdery layers to form on tiles. These can be cleaned off with a mild acid-based cleaner.
how to clean porcelain tiles outside

Weather Conditions

The weather plays a big role in figuring out the best way to clean outdoor porcelain tiles. For example, it's best to clean tiles on a cloudy day so that the cleaning solution doesn't dry on the surface too fast.

Also, you shouldn't clean outdoor tiles when it's freezing outside, because the water could freeze and damage the tiles. It's also important to check the weather report to make sure the area has enough time to dry before it rains.

Tile Texture & Finish

The way your outdoor ceramic tiles feel and look can change how you clean them. Smooth tiles are usually easier to clean, while uneven tiles may need more cleaning and attention to detail.

Cleaning matte porcelain tiles might also require a different cleaning method from shiny ones.

Also, you might need a different cleaning method for cleaning unglazed porcelain tiles than you would for cleaning polished porcelain tiles.

Before using the cleaning product on the whole surface, you should always test it on a small, hidden area to make sure it won't damage the tiles or change how they look.

Pre-Cleaning Preparation

Inspect the Tiles for Damage

Before you start cleaning your outdoor porcelain tiles, you should look for signs of damage, like cracks, chips, or loose tiles. Cleaning broken tiles can make the problem worse and lead to bigger fixes down the road.

During your inspection, if you find any broken tiles, it's best to fix them before moving on to the cleaning process. If you need to, talk to a professional about how to fix or replace the broken tiles.

clean outdoor porcelain tiles

Remove Loose Debris

After you've looked at your tiles, the next step is to clean off any loose dirt or dust. This includes things like dirt, leaves, twigs, and other things that have gathered on your outdoor tiles. To clean up the mess, you can use a broom, a leaf blower, or a vacuum cleaner with an outdoor extension.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Products & Tools

Choosing the right cleaning supplies and tools is important if you want to clean your outdoor ceramic tiles without damaging them. When choosing the best products for your porcelain tiles, think about the dirt and spots you're trying to get rid of as well as the roughness and finish of your tiles.

You can do most cleaning jobs with a mix of light soap and water. But if you have stains that won't come out or problems like mold and mildew, you may need special cleaning tools.

We recommend using our Groutmaster cleaning solution alongside our Westpak Tile Blaster Wand or Hybrid Tile and Grout Cleaning Tool.

cleaning outdoor porcelain tiles

To clean your outdoor porcelain tiles well, you'll need more than just a cleaning product. You'll also need a few important tools. Some of these are:

  • A bucket to mix the cleaning fluid in
  • A long-handled deck brush or scrub brush with soft bristles to gently scrub the tiles.
  • A tube with a spray attachment or a low-pressure pressure cleaner to rinse the tiles.

clean porcelain tiles outside

Home Remedies for Cleaning Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Warm Water & Mild Soap Solution

In our experience, a simple and effective way to clean ceramic floors outside is to mix warm water and light soap, like dishwashing liquid, in a bucket.

Put warm water in a bucket and add a few drops of soap. Mix the water and soap well to make a soapy solution. This method is great for general cleaning and can clear dirt, grime, and light spots from your outdoor tiles without hurting them.

Use a scrub brush with soft bristles or a deck brush with a long handle to gently scrub the tiles with the soapy water, and then rinse them well with clean water.

Baking Soda Paste

From what we've seen, a paste made of baking soda and water can help remove light spots.

Mix baking soda and water in equal parts to make a thick paste. Apply the paste directly to the spot and let it sit for a few minutes to let the baking soda do its job.

Then, scrub the spot gently with a soft-bristled brush until it is gone. Rinse the area well with clean water to get rid of any leftover baking soda.

cleaning porcelain tiles outside

Vinegar Solution

According to what we've seen, a vinegar solution can be a good way to get rid of mold and mildew on ceramic tiles that are outside.

In a spray bottle or bucket, mix equal parts white vinegar and water. Apply the solution to the affected areas and let it sit for a few minutes so that the mold and mildew can break down.

Then, scrub the tiles gently with a soft-bristled brush, paying special attention to the wet or mildewed spots.

After the mold and mildew are gone, wash the tiles well with clean water. Make sure to try the vinegar solution on a small, unnoticeable part of the tile first to make sure it won't hurt the finish.

Professional Cleaning Solutions for Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Best Cleaning Products to Use

Tile & Grout Cleaner

Professional cleaning tools like the ones we sell can be a game-changer for tough spots or hard-to-do cleaning jobs. Our tile and grout cleaner is made to work well on outdoor ceramic tiles and grout lines to get rid of dirt, grease, and grime.

This strong cleaning solution gets below the surface and breaks down even the toughest spots, leaving your tiles clean and looking new.

Outdoor Tile Sealer

An outdoor tile protector is made to keep your ceramic tiles outside safe from spots, dirt, and damage from the weather and people walking on them. By protecting your tiles, you not only keep their look but also make them last longer, which will save you time and money on fixes and upkeep in the future.

Benefits of Using Professional Products

Using professional cleaning tools like those sold by Truck Mount Forums has a number of advantages, such as:

  • Professional cleaning solutions are made to get rid of even the most stubborn spots and dirt. This makes sure that the cleaning process is thorough and effective.
  • Professional cleaning tools can save you time because they are more effective at cleaning and take less time and effort to use.
  • Professional products are made for specific tile types, finishes, and cleaning problems, so you can be sure to get the best results for your case.
  • If you use a tile cleaner, you can protect your outdoor tiles even more from dirt and damage, so you won't have to clean them as often.

remove porcelain tiles outside

How to Clean Outdoor Porcelain Tiles: Step-by-Step Instructions

Wet the Tiles with Water

Start by using a hose or a bucket of water to wet your porcelain floors. Make sure that all of the tiles are covered with water. This will help loosen dirt and make cleaning easier.

Apply a Cleaning Solution

Next, use your cleaning solution, whether it's a home remedy or a professional solution. Spread the solution evenly over the tiles, making sure to get it everywhere, even in the spaces between the tiles.

Scrub the Tiles Gently

Scrub the tiles gently in a circular motion with a scrub brush with soft bristles or a deck brush with a long handle.

Focus on any spots that are stained or have a lot of dirt and grime. If you need to, use more pressure to get rid of stubborn dirt and grime.

Make sure to clean the grout lines as well, since they can trap dirt and make the whole thing look dirty.


When you're done scrubbing the tiles, it's time to rinse off the cleaning solution.

Use a tube with a spray tip or a low-pressure washer to rinse the tiles well, getting rid of any leftover cleaning solution and fine dirt. Make sure to rinse the whole tiled area, paying special attention to the grout lines and corners.

outdoor porcelain tiles  clean 

Dry the Tiles

Let the tiles dry by themselves, or use a clean towel or squeegee to get rid of any extra water on the surface.

Drying the tiles stops water spots from forming and gets rid of any dirt or cleaning solution that is still on them.

Apply a Tile Sealer (Optional)

If you want to give your outdoor porcelain paving more protection, you could use a tile sealer.

This extra step can help protect your tiles from spots, dirt, and damage caused by the weather. This will make cleaning your tiles easier in the future and make them last longer. Follow the advice on how to use it and how long it needs to dry to get the best results.

Tips for Maintaining Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Keep a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Setting up a regular cleaning plan for your exterior porcelain tiles will help them look their best and stop dirt, grime, and spots from building up.

Consider cleaning your tiles every few weeks or once a month, depending on how often people walk on them and how much they are exposed to the weather.

Sweeping or brushing regularly can also help get rid of loose dirt and dust and cut down on the need for more thorough cleaning.

Address Spills & Stains Immediately

Clean up any spills or stains as soon as possible so they don't become stains.

The area will be easier to clean if you take care of the problem as soon as possible. Follow the steps in the cleaning directions and use the right cleaning solution for the type of spot.

how to remove porcelain tiles outside

Applying a Tile Sealer for Added Protection

Putting a tile sealer on your outdoor porcelain tiles can add another layer of protection. The sealer protects the tiles from spots, dirt, and damage caused by the weather. This makes them easier to clean and take care of over time.

Follow the guidelines from the maker for the best way to use the sealer, and reapply it as needed, usually every couple of years.

Inspect Your Tiles for Damage Periodically

Check your porcelain tiles for signs of damage like cracks, chips, or tiles that are loose. Taking care of these problems as soon as you notice them can help stop more damage and keep your outdoor space looking nice.

If you find any broken tiles, you should call a professional to fix or replace them. This will make sure that your outdoor space stays safe and looks good.

porcelain tiles outside cleaning

Use Furniture Pads & Protective Mats

Putting pads on the legs of your outdoor chairs and putting down protected mats in high-traffic areas can help keep your outdoor porcelain tiles from getting scratched or damaged.

This keeps your tiles looking good and in good shape by lowering the pressure between the furniture and the tile surface. Make sure to clean under the pads and mats often so that dirt and other things don't build up.

Control the Growth of Moss & Algae

Moss and algae can grow on outdoor ceramic tiles in places that are damp or have a lot of shade. These growths not only make the surface look bad, but they can also make it slippery, which is dangerous.

To keep your tiles in good shape, check them often for moss and algae growth and fix any problems right away. Use a gentle cleaner, like a mixture of vinegar and water, to get rid of moss and algae without hurting the tiles.

 remove outdoor porcelain tiles


It's crucial to keep your tiles well-cleaned and maintained if you want to keep them looking great. Luckily, as we've learned, it's really not that difficult to do so.

By following our guide, you'll be able to get them looking as good as new without stress or hassle. Plus, we have a variety of cleaning supplies on offer. Whether you're looking for carpet repair tools or a good grout cleaner, you can get everything you need right here. 

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