Can You Steam Clean Porcelain Tile Floors?

One of the most popular choices in floor tiles is porcelain. This fine-grained, nonporous ceramic material has an attractive finish and is also easy to keep clean. But can you steam-clean porcelain tile floors? 

Steam mops are becoming a common feature in many households. They can be used for a wide range of home chores, but you may be hesitant to use this on your porcelain tiles. Keep reading for the facts about steam cleaning porcelain tile floors.

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Can You Steam Clean Porcelain Tiles?

Yes, you can steam-clean porcelain tiles. A steam mop makes this easy, as the steam both sanitizes and deodorizes your tiled floor. For best results, always sweep your tile floor first, to clear away surface dust and debris, before steaming.

Steaming is a great way to sanitize tiles, but we’ve found that it’s not always effective on very sticky floors. The most effective way to clean porcelain tiles is quite simple. 

can i steam clean porcelain tiles

Use a bucket of warm water to which a little vinegar has been added. The vinegar/warm water solution cuts through most sticky grease and grime in no time. It is also highly effective in removing haze from porcelain tile after installation. 

Alternatively, try using a mild solution of bleach-free dish soap and water. As dish soap is formulated to clean grease from pots and pans, it’ll do the same for your porcelain tiled floors. 

Do You Need To Use Detergent When Steam Cleaning Porcelain Tiles?

You don’t usually need to use detergent when steam cleaning. The heat of the steam is what softens dirt build-up and kills lurking bacteria. 

But if you do use a detergent, never use a brightly colored one. In our experience, brightly colored products are a no-no on white or light-colored porcelain. Why? It can discolor and stain your tiles. 

can you steam clean porcelain tiles

So, can you clean porcelain tile with bleach instead? No, bleach, ammonia, and acidic cleaners will usually damage the surface of your tiles. We have a professional solution for you - Grout Master. 

Use Grout Master Tile And Grout Cleaner to clean your dirty porcelain tile floors and grouting. It cleans and sanitizes both tile and grouting without causing harm to any nearby kitchen appliances or bathroom sanitaryware. 

is it safe to steam clean porcelain tile floors

Looking for the perfect prespray to use on commercial tile cleaning jobs? Groutmaster can be used with the Westpak Tile Blaster Wand and also the Turbo Force 12-inch turbo hybrid cleaner for professional tiled floor cleaning.

steam clean porcelain tile floors

Can You Steam Clean Unglazed Porcelain?

If you’re worried that this should be reserved for glazed porcelain tiles only, this fear is unfounded. Our experience has shown us that premium-grade unglazed porcelain tiles are almost as non-porous as glazed tiles. They are subjected to a firing process until they become vitrified -a glass-like state. 

Therefore, you may use water or steam to clean shiny porcelain tile floors and also to clean unglazed porcelain tiles.  For general cleaning, a steam mop will do the trick most of the time, and can even clean matte porcelain floor tiles.

What Else Is Using Steam On Porcelain Tile Floors Good For?

Despite your best intentions, at some point, you’ll mess up food or spill cosmetics on your kitchen or bathroom porcelain tiles. Steaming can soften and disperse these common messes and spills with ease. 

Steaming not only cleans porcelain tiles and removes residual odors but it can also be used to remove wax from porcelain tiles without the use of chemicals. 

Steaming can also be used to sanitize concrete floors very effectively. But if you need more cleaning power for your outdoor spaces, our professional concrete cleaner is the way to go.

steam clean porcelain tiles


Steam cleaning is a very effective method of home maintenance. With a steam mop or steamer unit and attachments, you can clean porcelain tiled floors, engineered wood flooring, linoleum, and even many types of carpet. 

But when steam alone is not enough to clean your floors, you can rely on our range of professional cleaning chemicals and stain removers to get the job done.

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