How to Get Grape Juice out of Carpet

Most of us have accidentally spilled grape juice on a carpet at some point. If not treated promptly, it can leave a stain, especially on light carpets. There’s no need to worry about it when you have the right stain-removal methods, though.

In this guide, we explain exactly how to get grape juice out of a carpet. we’ll also give you some tips on preventing this stain from occurring. We recommend the best cleaning method for the job, and also include the best stain removal product for grape juice and other related stains.

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How To Get Fresh Grape Juice Out Of A Carpet

remove grape juice stain carpet

The main thing to remember with any beverage spill on the carpet is to clean it up as quickly as possible. The longer it sits on the carpet surface, the more liquid will seep down into the carpet fibers. It will be more likely to leave a stain if it is left to dry, especially if it remains on the carpet for a long time.

Blot up the grape juice spill with a soft, white cloth, or a clean, old towel. Use paper towels if you find them more convenient. But take care to blot gently, so that you do not push the grape juice further down into the carpet. Then proceed with one of the following cleaning methods.

Professional Method To Get Grape Juice Out Of Carpet

We always recommend the use of professional carpet care products to clean up any mess. This is true for grape juice spills as well. Because it is a liquid, it will very quickly start to seep into the carpet fibers. 

To clean deep down into the fibers and remove the juice effectively, we suggest that you use our Ultimate All-Fiber Rinse carpet cleaning solution. This deep-cleaning miracle product leaves your carpets with a fresh scent and is available in original citrus or the new “sweet breeze” variant.

how to get grape juice stains out of carpet

It is designed to be used with a hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine, but it can also be used in other ways. Follow the direction on the packaging to safely remove grape juice spills and any other spills or dirt from your carpets or upholstery. 

how to get rid of grape juice stains in carpet

Our Ultimate All-Fiber Rinse is safe for both synthetic and natural fibers, including wool.

Home Remedy For Cleaning Grape Juice From A Carpet

If you don’t have carpet cleaning products at home, you can use a home remedy to clean up the juice. You will need the following items:

  • A tablespoon of mild, bleach-free liquid dish soap
  • Warm water, about 2 cups 
  • A mixing bowl
  • A plastic spray bottle
  • An old, clean towel

Step 1

Mix a tablespoon of the liquid dish soap with 2 cups of slightly warm water in a bowl. Once you have a mild, soapy solution, add it to the spray bottle.

Step 2

Spray this soapy solution onto the grape spill area. Then blot it up with the old towel. Repeat this action until all the juice has been removed. Discard any remaining dish soap solution, and fill the spray bottle with clean tap water.

how to get rid of grape juice stains from carpet

Step 3

Spray the same patch of carpet, again, and once again blot the moisture up, but with the other (dry) old towel. This is necessary to remove any dish soap residue. Allow the carpet to dry naturally. 

This will usually be effective for fresh juice stains, but to get fruit stains out of carpets that have been sitting for a while, you will probably need the stain removal products below. 

How To Get Rid Of Dry Grape Juice Stains In Carpet

If cleaned up quickly, using either of the cleaning methods listed above, grape juice should not leave a stain. But if left to dry, a proper stain removal product will usually be necessary. It is the best way to remove food and beverage stains from your carpets, rugs, and couches.

Best Way To Remove Grape Juice Stains From A Carpet

Do you need to get rid of a dry grape juice stain or remove a fruit punch stain from your carpet? You can rely on Rave Spotter to get that juice spot out. Simply spray, blot, and step away. It’s that simple. Simple instructions are included on the packaging, but first, do a test patch for the colorfastness of your carpet or rug.

how to get grape juice out of your carpet

Rave Spotter can also be used on wine, coffee, tea, and various other stains. You need never worry about carpet stains again, with a bottle of Rave Spotter in your home. It couldn’t be easier to use, with its’ handy trigger nozzle. Best of all, it’s environmentally-friendly, and safe to be used in homes with pets.

Best Remedy For Red Grape Juice Stain Removal

If, after ordinary cleaning, your light-colored carpet is left with a red grape juice stain, you may need a specialized stain removal product. Our Red Action stain remover is specifically formulated to target colorful stains.

how clean grape juice stains from carpet

Red Action is just as effective for getting cranberry sauce out of carpet as it is for removing red grape juice.  It quickly gets to work, not only on red stains but all color stains.

This means it will get blue Powerade out of the carpet and even get coke out of a white carpet. While Red Action is also ideal for hot water extraction machines, it is not recommended for use on wool carpets and other natural fibers.


Grape juice stains, especially red grape juice, can look awful. There's no need to despair, though, as we have everything you need to get your carpets looking good as new again. Our range of cleaners, stain removers, and carpet care tools take care of any stain, including grape juice, quickly and safely.

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