How to Get Gatorade out of a Carpet

Gatorade is the perfect refreshing boost of energy when you need it, but if some of it ends up on your plush carpet, you need to act fast to get it out before a stubborn stain forms.

This means it’s essential to know how to get Gatorade out of a carpet, using quick and effective cleaning methods. 

There are several ways to clean this type of stain, and the method you choose will depend on the severity and age of the Gatorade stain. 

We look at a few proven ways to get Gatorade out of a carpet, leaving your floor clean and fresh as new. 

How To Get Gatorade Out Of A Carpet

how to get red gatorade out of carpet

Quick Home Remedy 

If the Gatorade spill has just happened and you can act quickly to clean it, you can probably use a simple remedy using ordinary home products to mop up the stain from your carpet. 

This method applies to any similar product stain, such as removing juice from a carpet.

Step 1:

Use paper towels to dab the stained area to remove any excess moisture from the carpet. You should apply a bit of force to the paper towel by either pressing down hard on it or placing a heavy object on it. 

This will dry the stain as much as possible. Stick to blotting and avoid rubbing, as the latter can make the stain worse. 

Step 2:

Next, you will need sparkling water or club soda. Mix a cup of the soda well with a teaspoon of liquid soap. 

Pour the combined solution onto the stained area, or use a spray bottle to apply it generously. The area should be decently wet. 

how to get red powerade out of carpet

Step 3:

Leave this to sit on the carpet for 30 minutes to an hour. This allows it to soak well into the carpet, reaching all stained fibers, and removing as much of the Gatorade as possible. 

Step 4:

After the waiting period, use paper towels to dab the area again, as you did in the first step. Apply the necessary pressure to the paper towel to draw out as much of the Gatorade as possible.

Ensure that as soon as a paper towel is soaked through, you switch to a clean, dry sheet. Continue with this step until the Gatorade color is completely removed. 

Step 5:

Leave the area to dry for a few hours, and check it once dried. If there are any remnants of the stain, repeat the entire process. 

The home remedy will work well for cleaning other sticky liquids, such as cleaning Kool-Aid from a carpet.

Light Cleaning Agents

For stains that have set into the carpet and have been there for a few hours or a few days, you will need a slightly stronger cleaning solution. 

Using a detergent is perfect, as it provides the necessary strength without being too harsh on the carpet fabric.

Gatorade’s bright color can be tough to remove as a stain, which is quite similar to getting rid of grape juice stains on a carpet, but this method works well for any pigmented stain of that nature. 

Step 1:

First, you will need to use paper towels or a dry and absorbent cloth to remove any excess moisture from the stain, especially if it is just a few hours old. 

Blot the area with pressure, until the paper towels or cloth are coming up fairly dry. 

Step 2:

To create your cleaning solution, combine a tablespoon of detergent with one cup of cold water. Mix well in a jug or bowl. 

how to remove gatorade stain from carpet

Step 3:

Carefully pour the solution onto the stained area, just enough to cover the stain and soak through the carpet. 

Leave it for 5-10 minutes for it to set in. 

Step 4:

Use a dry, lint-free cloth to dab the area. This will draw out and absorb any of the Gatorade in the carpet. 

Continue blotting the carpet until as much liquid as possible has come out. If your cloth gets too wet in the process, switch to a clean and dry one. 

Step 5:

Leave the area to dry for a few hours, and then check it for any remnants of the stain. If it is not completely clear, repeat the process.

This method works just as well to remove cranberry juice from a carpet

Specialized Cleaner

If the stain has set in, you will need heavier and more specialized professional carpet cleaning products, in this case, to effectively remove an older, more stubborn stain. 

how to remove gatorade stains from carpet

This can work with most older liquid stains, whether it is Gatorade, or removing a Coca-Cola Stain from a carpet

Step 1:

Use a paper towel to check for any moisture in the stained area. If completely dry, use a butter knife to scrape off any dried Gatorade that might be stuck to the carpet fibers. 

You can then sweep or vacuum up the dried particles. 

Step 2:

Next, you will choose and prepare your cleaner. 

Go for something made for cleaning carpets, like a carpet cleaning prespray, or the Truck Mount Forum Ultimate All Fiber Rinse, as this is created for the type of stain you are working with. This means it targets your problem well, while also avoiding damage to your carpet. 

how to get powerade out of carpet

Step 3:

Transfer the combined cleaner to a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the affected area, generously enough for it to soak through the stain. 

Leave it to set in and moisten the dried stain for about an hour. 

Step 4:

After waiting, use paper towels to dab the area. Apply enough pressure to draw out any liquid. 

Continue until you cannot get out any more moisture, and then leave it to fully dry overnight. 

Step 5:

Once the area is completely dry, check to see if the stain has cleared. If there are still remnants of the Gatorade, repeat the process. 


Whether it is cleaning Gatorade, or removing Hawaiian Punch from a carpet, there are several good methods to get a stain out. the best option for you will depend on the severity and age of the stain. 

To make things easier for you, it is best to attend to a stain as soon as possible. The longer it is left, the more it soaks into the carpet. 

how to remove red gatorade from carpet

For the newer stains, a simple home remedy will do the trick, but for much older stains, you may need a specialized solution for a heavy-duty clean. This applies to any cleaning need on any surface, such as a prespray for a carpet, or professional concrete cleaner.

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