Commercial Restroom Floor Cleaning Solution

Restroom floors gather dirt and grime at a rapid rate, with all the activity and moisture in the area. This calls for regular cleaning of the floors, and to do this well, you need the best commercial restroom floor cleaning solution. 

With many cleaning solutions to choose from, it can be difficult to know which works best for your cleaning needs. Opting for a commercial cleaning product is generally best, as these are well-formulated and will target the areas that you need to clean. 

This article serves as a guide to help you choose the best commercial restroom floor cleaning solutions for your cleaning needs, what benefits each has, and who or what each product is best suited for. 

Top Commercial Restroom Floor Cleaning Solutions 

Concrete Master

If you are cleaning a bathroom that has trendy concrete tiles, you may need a cleaning solution that is formatted for this material, as opposed to using a general tile cleaner. Our Concrete Master cleaning solution is ideal to use for this purpose.

commercial heavy duty bathroom chemical

This is a versatile product that you can use on any hard or soft surface, so it is excellent value for money. Based on our experience, you can use it to clean concrete, other tile types, grout, brick, masonry, and more. You can use it as a carpet cleaning solution in a nursery.

The cleaning solution just needs to be applied to the restroom floor, and any dirt or grime that has built up will dissolve, making it easy to clean away with whatever cleaning tool or equipment you have on hand. 

Why It's Great

  • Removes dirt from concrete floors
  • Works on most hard surfaces 

Who It’s Right for

  • Those cleaning restrooms with concrete floors
  • Fans of a versatile product 

Groutmaster Tile and Grout Cleaner Pre-spray

When cleaning restroom floor tiles, you cannot forget to target the grout in the process, too. This often requires two separate cleaning products, one for tile and one for grout. But with the right two-in-one solution you can tackle both with one product - like our Groutmaster Tile and Grout Cleaner Pre-spray.

commercial cleaning solution for public bathroom sink

All you have to do is apply the pre-spray to the tiles and then use a floor-scrubbing machine to work the solution into the tiles and grout. We have found from using this product that it will loosen any dirt and grime on the floors, and you can then clean it away with relative ease. 

best commercial restroom floor cleaning solution

This can also be used on carpets and is one of the best carpet cleaning solutions for hotels.

Why It's Great

  • Loosens dirt and grime
  • Can be used with cleaning tools
  • Two-in-one solution for both tiles and grout 

Who It’s Right for

  • Those seeking one product for tiles and grout cleaning 
  • Professionals that deep clean restrooms 

Benefect Botanical Decon

Cleaning and scrubbing a floor is only one part of the whole process. Once this is done, it is also important to disinfect the floors, as there may still be bacteria present. This is especially important in areas occupied by young children, the elderly, or any other group with vulnerable immune systems. 

Through our trial and error, we discovered that one of the best disinfecting solutions available is our Benefect Botanical Decon. It eliminates any bacteria from the surface to which it is applied in less than 30 seconds, which is much faster than many other disinfecting products.

best commercial bathroom floor cleaning solution

It’s also free of any synthetic additives or fragrances, making it safer for use in closed spaces, or as a cleaning solution for hospital beds and floors, as there are no toxic fumes that may cause harm to those nearby. 

Why It's Great

  • Eliminates bacteria in just 30 seconds
  • No harmful toxic fumes
  • No additives or fragrances 

Who It’s Right for

  • Professional cleaners who want a fast-working disinfectant 
  • Those looking for unscented products

Rob’s Solvent Sealer

A restroom needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain its tidiness, but there are ways to make each clean quick and low-effort. The best practice for this is to apply a protective solution onto the floors, such as Rob’s Solvent Sealer

When this solution is applied to the restroom floors, it creates a protective sealant over the floor that prevents serious stains from spills or dirt. This means that if any messes do occur, it will be far quicker and easier to remove when doing a routine cleanup. It can work as one of the best floor-cleaning chemicals for salons

the best commercial bathroom floor cleaning solution

This is another versatile product, as it can be used on most hard or soft surfaces. It can even be used as a commercial deck-cleaning solution

Why It's Great

  • Forms a protective layer on floors
  • Makes cleaning easier 
  • Can be used on any hard or soft surfaces 

Who It’s Right for

  • Professional cleaners want a product for all surfaces 
  • Those that want to simplify the cleaning process 

Kick Acid for Grout Pack

If you are dealing with dirt and stains that no other product can shift, then you need our Kick Acid for Grout Pack. This is the product that can clean even the most stubborn grime from tiles and grout. 

The two-in-one solution works on tile and grout and dissolves dirt with ease so that you can clean it off. It’s formulated for use in damper areas, like restrooms. Even though it’s strong, it does not have harmful fumes and is still gentle on the environment. This makes it an ideal cleaning solution to clean school floors.

commercial bathroom floor cleaning solution

Why It's Great

  • Tackles stubborn dirt
  • No toxic fumes
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Cleans both tile and grout 

Who It’s Right for

  • Those deep-cleaning restroom floors
  • Anyone tackling stubborn stains 


Restroom floors accumulate large amounts of dirt and grime in a relatively short space of time, but with the right commercial cleaning solutions, you can keep the floors clean and tidy at all times.  

Commercial cleaning chemicals are appropriate to clean restroom surfaces. Using commercial products is a good way to ensure that the floors are being cleaned with quality solutions that tackle any dirt and bacteria present. 

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