Best Floor Cleaning Chemical for Salons

Having a presentable, well-maintained salon is vital to its success. Clean floors are integral to the overall look of a salon and can create an inviting atmosphere for clients. However, due to the high foot traffic and constant exposure to hair products, salon floors can be difficult to maintain. The right floor cleaning chemical is essential to keeping the floors clean and sanitary. 

In this comprehensive guide, we'll take a deep dive into the best floor-cleaning chemicals for salons and discuss why they’re essential. By the end, you should have all the information you need to make an informed decision about which floor cleaner is right for your business.

What this article covers:

3 Best Floor Cleaning Chemicals for Salons

Concrete Master

If your salon floor is made of hard concrete surfaces, Concrete Master is the perfect chemical choice for cleaning! This product offers a thorough and deep cleaning that will leave your floor sparkling clean. It’s environmentally safe, biodegradable, and non-toxic, so you can have peace of mind knowing it won’t cause any harm to your customers or employees.

floor cleaning chemical for salons

This cleaner contains special surfactants that help break down dirt, grease, and grime from the surface of the floor. It also has a low pH level, so it won’t leave any damaging residue on your floors. The formula is easy to use, and you can apply it directly onto the concrete or dilute it with water depending on the amount of cleaning needed.

This cleaner is also one of the best hospital floor cleaning chemicals thanks to its deep cleaning power and ability to remove tough stains. Our analysis of this product revealed that it's a dependable swimming pool tile cleaning chemical because its effective and powerful formula penetrates through the grout and tile to remove dirt and debris.

To make the best out of this liquid cleaner, you should pre-treat the floor before mopping and then apply a thin layer of Concrete Master. Allow it to sit for about five minutes, and then mop away! You’ll be amazed at how clean your floors look after just one use. You can use our turbo-force hybrid tile cleaner to speed up the cleaning process, especially if you need to cover a large area.

the best floor cleaning chemical for salons

When you’re done, just rinse off the floor with plain water and allow it to dry completely before allowing people to walk on it. Your saloon will be looking its best in no time!

Why It's Great 

  • Powerful cleaning solution 
  • Penetrates deep into concrete surfaces, removing stubborn dirt and grime without leaving behind any residue. This also makes it a good cleaning solution to clean school floors
  • Designed to remove the toughest dirt and grime from tile, brick, and concrete surfaces without damaging them
  • Apart from saloon floors, our independent review shows that it is the best dorm room floor cleaning solution.
  • Non-toxic formula that does not contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives. 
  • Easy to apply on the floor using a mop or cloth, and it also dries quickly. 
  • Our tests show that it can be used as a commercial heavy-duty bathroom chemical for large saloons and other establishments.

Who It’s Right for

  • Beauty parlors, spas, and salons that need a deep clean without the use of harsh or dangerous chemicals
  • Salon owners who want to make sure their workers are safe from harmful fumes while they are cleaning floors
  • Those looking for an effective floor cleaner that will leave behind no residue or streaks
  • Large saloons looking for a cost-efficient chemical that's appropriate to clean restroom surfaces and floors, which are typically high-traffic areas. 

Groutmaster Tile And Grout Cleaner Prespray

Despite being a grout cleaner, Groutmaster Tile And Grout Cleaner Prespray is an excellent cleaner for concrete and tile floors. It penetrates dirt deeply and quickly, so you won't have to scrub for hours. It also contains natural emulsifiers that help lift dirt from the surface of your floors without leaving residue behind. This safe and effective cleaner makes it easy to keep salon floors clean and looking their best.

floor cleaning chemical for salon

Groutmaster Tile And Grout Cleaner Prespray break down tough stains at the molecular level. The product works by sipping deep into grout lines and other porous surfaces to break apart the surface tension between dirt and grime.

With a PH of 12-12.5, Groutmaster Tile and Grout Cleaner Prespray is non-corrosive and low-odor, making it safe to use in salons. Its special blend of surfactants, degreasers, and builders helps break down dirt, grease, and grime without leaving a residue behind. The product is also designed to be used on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Its non-corrosive properties also make it safe to use with other cleaning tools such as mops, scrub brushes, and vacuum cleaners. This also makes it the best solution for slippery basketball floors.

Why It's Great

  • Specially formulated to remove stubborn dirt and grime from tile and grout surfaces without damaging the surface in any way
  • Penetrates deep into the pores of tiles and grouts, breaking up dirt and oil that other cleaners cannot get out
  • Has a neutral scent, making it ideal for use in salons and other places where customers have different scent preferences
  • Safe to use on tile and concrete surfaces
  • Designed to be gentle enough for regular use in salons without fear of damaging the surface.
  • Easy to use and doesn’t require any special equipment

Who It’s Right for

  • Salon owners looking for a powerful cleaner that can tackle tough, greasy stains
  • Beauty establishments that use harsh chemicals and require a cleaner that can handle it
  • High-traffic salons with heavily soiled floors. This cleaner penetrates deep into floor surfaces to remove all types of dirt and grime.

Red Label Cherry Bomb Prespray

For salons with cherry hardwood floors or tiled floors, Red Label Cherry Bomb Prespray is the perfect cleaning chemical. It's designed to remove dirt and debris from surfaces while leaving behind a pleasant cherry scent.

best floor cleaning chemical for salon

Red Label Cherry Bomb Prespray offers superior emulsification thanks to its powerful enzymes and chelating agents. It quickly breaks down dirt and oil build-up, allowing for easier extraction during the cleaning process.

In addition to its safety credentials, Red Label Cherry Bomb Prespray offers excellent cleaning performance. Its powerful enzymes can dissolve salon chemicals, such as hair dye and other styling products, making it a great choice for those wanting to keep their floors clean and free of build-up.

Our independent tests showed that this pre-spray is non-corrosive since it doesn't contain any acidic ingredients. Therefore, it won't damage sensitive surfaces. It comes with non-re-soiling technology, which means that you don't have to worry about dirt and grime sticking back on the floor.

Why It's Great

  • Dissolves fast, making it easy to clean and rinse away dirt and grease.
  • Non-toxic and free from harsh chemicals
  • kills odor-causing bacteria at the source, so you won’t be left with a lingering smell.
  • A great choice for heavily soiled tile and cherry hardwood floors.

Who It’s Right for

  • Salon owners who want a safe, effective pre-spray solution for tile and cherry hardwood floors.
  • Those looking for an environmentally friendly cleaning option for their saloons.
  • Salons with heavy floor traffic that need professional-grade cleaning.


Finding the ideal floor-cleaning chemical for salons is no easy feat. With so many options, it can be difficult to figure out which one will work best for your unique needs. Fortunately, the options outlined in this article provide a great starting point for your search.

As a general rule, it’s best to choose products that are specifically designed to handle the types of surfaces and cleaning jobs that you will be doing in your salon. Test multiple products to determine which one works best for your particular situation. In addition, make sure to read the safety instructions on any product you use and take all necessary precautions. Good luck! 

Best Floor Cleaning Chemical for Salons (FAQs)

Can Floor Cleaning Chemicals For Salons Clean Carpets?

Yes. The products we've reviewed contain carpet-specific cleaning agents that help break down and remove dirt, grease, and other stains from carpets. 

How Often Should I Use Floor Cleaning Chemicals For Salons?

It depends on the level of traffic in your salon as well as how quickly you want to keep the floors looking clean. Based on our research, using floor-cleaning chemicals for salons at least once a week helps keep your floors looking their best. 

Are Floor Cleaning Chemicals For Salons Safe?

Yes, most floor cleaning chemicals for salons are safe to use. Make sure you read the product instructions carefully and follow all safety guidelines. It's also a good idea to wear protective gloves and eye protection when using any type of cleaning chemical.

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