How to Remove Oil-Based Chemicals from a Basketball Rubber Mat Floor

If you have one of these floors in your gym, you will know that greasy oil stains are notoriously hard to remove from these types of surfaces.

Also, many forms of equipment and chemicals need to be more suitable for properly cleaning these types of mats. 

But a few things can make your life a little easier. And we are here to show you precisely what they are.

Because in this article, we will break down exactly how to remove oil-based chemicals from a basketball rubber mat floor instantly.

Just follow our step-by-step guide to get your basketball floor stain-free without the hassle.

How to Remove Oil-Based Chemicals from a Basketball Rubber Mat Floors

Step 1: Remove Obvious Debris

When dealing with any type of stain, your first course of action is to remove as much of the excess debris as you can. 

This process will prepare the floor for cleaning and ensure that the culprit causing the stain is out of the picture. 

For oil-based stains, this will mean scraping up the remnants of whatever solid material or spill caused the stain. You can use a paper towel or cloth for this purpose.

best solution for slippery basketball floors

Simply soak up any liquid or collect the residual debris of any visible organic or other matter collected on the rubber mat floor. 

Stubborn stains with crusty debris may require some scraping. For these types of debris, you can use a Gum Getter to gently scrape the debris off the surface of the rubber floor.

You can also use another blunt object, such as the back end of a spoon or other utensil. Once you have removed and disposed of the excess debris on the mat, you are ready to start the next process. 

Step 2: Get Rid of Dust

The next step involves ensuring that the floor is dust-free before introducing water during cleaning. 

You can use a brush, dustpan, broom, or vacuum for this purpose. We love this TMF Grout Brush with Handle for easily collecting dust.

the best solution for slippery basketball floors

Through our trial and error, we discovered that the TMF Stair and Furniture Pet Hair Brush could also work wonders in removing noticeable dust, pet hair, and other fibers from the surface of the rubber mat floor.

If you are using a vacuum, use a soft-bristled vacuum and test it on an inconspicuous spot first to ensure it doesn’t damage the floor. 

Drawing from our experience, using the wrong vacuum can do more harm than good.

solution for slippery basketball floors

Step 3: Choose the Right Cleaning Solution

Finding the best cleaning solution for rubber gym flooring can be hard. But it is not impossible. In fact, you can use any professional carpet and floor cleaning chemical with a neutral pH.

We highly recommend something like this RSF Alkaline Neutral Detergent Rinse. 

solution for slippery basketball floor

When we trialed this product, we found that it reduces the appearance of oil stains and that it is safe for all types of fibers and surfaces, which is precisely why it has been regarded as the best floor-cleaning chemical for salons and an excellent cleaning solution to clean school floors.

solutions for a slippery gym floor

You can also opt for something like Rug Smack, an excellent carpet cleaning solution for nurseries, and a targeted cleaning solution for other surfaces and synthetic fibers, such as rubber flooring.

After choosing your product, simply dilute or mix it according to the instructions on the label. 

Apply it to an inconspicuous area on the floor first to see how it reacts. Then, if it is safe to use, you can move on to the next step.

best solutions for a slippery gym floor

Step 4: Clean the Rubber Mat

The next order of business is to clean the rubber mat. Your best bet here is to enlist the help of industrial carpet cleaning equipment

We recommend something like the Orbot Vibe floor cleaner that can glide between the mat and the floor and ensure everything gets clean. 

solution for a slippery gym floor

The great thing about water extraction cleaners such as this one is that it prevents too much water from coming into contact with the rubber mat.

If you want a less intimidating machine, consider investing in a carpet wand, which requires limited experience.

Alternatively, you can use a squeegee mop or cloth. 

best solution for a slippery gym floor

Mix the cleaning product and gently apply it using the cloth or mop, paying extra care to areas where the oil stains are. 

If you use this method, replace the water used for rinsing and cleaning regularly to avoid transferring oil to the mat.

Whatever you use, be sure not to introduce too much water during the cleaning process. This can harm the rubber surface of the mat and cause it to deteriorate over time. 

The above processes will sometimes be enough to ensure your rubber mat is stain-free.

But, in other instances, you may need additional help. For example, if oil stains are still present after this initial cleaning phase, you should move on to the next step.

Step 5: Deal with Persistent Stains

As mentioned, this step is useful when stains persist after the initial cleaning. But this process can also be applied when a stain occurs, or you want to clean a specific area on the basketball rubber mat.

For persistent stains, you will need to apply a targeted stain remover or commercial cleaner.

Our research indicates that this is your best defense against oil stains after cleaning your rubber mat.

Here are our top three picks for dealing with oil stains on rubber mats.

Rave Spotter

Rave Spotter is our first pick for dealing with oil stains on a rubber mat. 

remove oil based chemicals from basketball rubbermat floor

This versatile product is designed to deal with various stains, including oil stains, and it cannot be easier to use. 

Simply spray it onto the affected area, blot it with a clean wet cloth, and walk away. You should see the stain disappearing in a matter of minutes. 

It is also a great chemical for cleaning mosaic pool tiles.

This product is also pet-friendly, environmentally friendly, and very safe to use, making it a good cleaning solution for hospital beds and floors.

USOR Unchained Urine and Odor Remover

Let’s face it; gym mats can fall victim to sweat, oil, and other organic stains that may leave a foul odor.

If this is the case, you may opt for a product designed to eliminate the bad odors and foul smells that originate from such stains.

Luckily, USOR Unchained Urine and Odor Remover was specifically designed for this purpose. If you have ever wondered which chemical is appropriate to clean restroom surfaces, this is it. 

solutions for slippery gym floor

This product is not only the best commercial bathroom floor cleaning solution but also a great product for cleaning basketball rubber mat floors in gyms due to its ability to eliminate odors. 

You can mist this directly onto the stain or mix it with your cleaner and use a professional floor-cleaning device to apply it.

Super Gel

Another excellent stain remover that can be added to your cleaning regime is Super Gel

This stain remover targets stains that result from oil, lipstick, candle wax, and various other oily substances that may wreak havoc on the appearance of your basketball rubber mat floor.

best solutions for slippery gym floor

It is also effortless to use. Simply apply it onto the stain and agitate the area gently using a clean cloth. Then, allow the product to work its magic and rinse the area with a wet cloth to rid it of the product.


PIG Out is also a great way to remove oil stains from rubber mats. 

the best solution for a slippery gym floor

The PIG in the name of this product stands for paint, ink, and grease, which means that this product is specifically designed to make grease stains a thing of the past. 

This advanced blend of solvents will reduce the appearance of grease stains in an instant (which is exactly why some consider it the best dorm room floor cleaning solution)

Simply apply it to the stain, blot the area gently, and allow it to work. 

Follow this by rinsing the stained area with a cloth dipped in clean water to remove the product thoroughly.

This product contains Ethylene Oxide, which means it does come with a warning. So be sure to use it when people are not using the mat to avoid exposure to the chemicals.

Any of the stain and odor removers listed above will assist you in removing those pesky residual oil stains. But, you can always repeat steps 1 to 4 after dealing with the stains to ensure a thorough clean.

For best results, you should follow the first four steps at least once a month to ensure your mats remain clean and hygienic.


After reading this, you should realize that oil stains on a basketball rubber mat are not the end of the world. 

In fact, there are various ways to ensure that they become a thing of the past. If you follow our steps, your rubber mats will be clean and grease-free in no time.

And you don’t need to wait for stains to occur before you follow these steps either. 

Regular maintenance and cleaning can ensure that your mats are always stain free, which is especially important for those who clean rubber mats in commercial gyms and buildings. 

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