Hospital Floor Cleaning Chemicals

Keeping hospitals, nursing homes and community clinics clean and sanitary is essential for the health of your patients and clients’ health. But don’t forget about the floors! Investing in hospital floor cleaning chemicals is a crucial step in keeping germs, bacteria, and viruses at bay and preventing illness.

You may have trusted cleaning agents that you’ve used in the past. But detergents and sanitizing products, like everything else, constantly undergo improvement and innovation. It’s time to get the best hospital floor cleaning chemicals for today’s needs. And we have five top products to choose from. 

Our Top Hospital Floor Cleaning Chemicals 

As experts in the cleaning industry, we know that it’s important to have the right combination of cleaning equipment and chemicals. An orbital floor scrubber is ideal for hard floors like stone and tiles. It even cleans and polishes linoleum and removes dirt from tile grout. 

floor cleaning solution in hospitals

We’ve been creating top-grade cleaning products for over 30 years. So whether you need a chemical to clean pool tiles or a gym floor cleaning solution, we have what you need. But for maximum cleanliness in the hospital environment, these are our top five picks.

Contec Sporicidin Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Contec Sporicidin Hospital Grade Disinfectant is a citric acid disinfectant, but don’t be fooled. This organic disinfectant is every bit as powerful as other chemical disinfectants and cleaners. 

It’s effective against even difficult-to-kill non-enveloped viruses like Norovirus, Rotavirus, Poliovirus, Adenovirus Type 2, and the Canine Parvovirus. 

hospital floor cleaning solutions

Although it's gentle enough for people with chemical sensitivities, it’s strong enough to kill fungi, bacteria, viruses, and TB in 10 minutes or less. It’s just as effective against Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Salmonella Enterica, and Staphylococcus Aureus, too.

Contec Sporicidin Disinfectant won’t damage nearby plastics, glass, or metal. 

USOR Unchained Urine Stain & Odor  Remover (With Ecocide)

One of the most common issues in the medical environment is unpleasant odors and stains, particularly urine, vomit, and other body fluids.  But there’s no need to fret about cleaning up these malodorous stains. USOR Unchained Urine Stain & Odor Remover is the answer. 

chemicals used to clean hospital floors

It’s both a carpet sanitizing solution for daycares and an odor remover for nursing homes and hospitals. This urine odor and stain remover can also be used as a booster with other cleaning chemicals. And thanks to its urine odor removal, it’s also the chemical that’s appropriate to clean restroom surfaces

So if you’ve been looking for the best commercial heavy-duty bathroom chemical, Usor Unchained with Ecocide is the one to choose. Its sweet breeze fragrance replaces any nasty odors with a subtle, pleasant scent.

BioPro 10K Enzyme Citrus Prespray

Carpeted areas and upholstered chairs in nursing homes and hospital reception areas need special care too. BioPro 10K Enzyme Citrus Prespray is a powdered enzyme meant to be used as a prespray with your other cleaning chemicals, for cutting through dirt and stubborn stains.

what cleaning chemical is used to mop a clinic floor

Carpeting offers a place for many germs to hide undetected. That’s why you need extra-cleaning power for carpets in medical settings. Ordinary surface cleaning like regular vacuuming is essential but does nothing to destroy dirt. For that, you need a powerful enzymatic cleaner and prespray. 

BioPro 10K is also the best carpet cleaning solution for hotels, restaurants, or anywhere else where large numbers of people congregate. Depending on the level of soil, use it at 3 oz to 6 oz per gallon of water. Very stubborn soil is best treated with a ratio of 12 oz to the gallon.

Mediclean Prorestore Antimicrobial Germicidal Cleaner

Need a disinfectant, virucide, fungicide, mildewstat (a chemical agent which inhibits the growth of mildew), sanitizer, and deodorizer all in one? You need the Mediclean Prorestore Antimicrobial Germicidal Cleaner. Just dilute it at 2 oz to each gallon of water, and it tackles all of these problems in no time.

commercial grade floor cleaner solution for hospital

This E.P. A. approved disinfectant cleans and disinfects both porous and non-porous surfaces, leaving hospital floors clean and sanitary. And at only half an ounce to a gallon of water, this is one of the most economical hospital floor cleaning chemicals in its class.

Hospital floors are subject to bio-hazards that need special clean-up attention. It’s so effective against human bodily fluids and waste products, it’s approved for use in crime scene clean-ups. And Medicalean Prorestore is also recommended for decontamination after HIV-1 exposure. 

We have put our expertise in cleaning chemical formulation to the test in all types of environments. And our research indicates that this is one of the best hospital floor cleaning chemicals, suitable for cleaning up blood and other body fluids. 

Benefect Botanical Decon 30 Disinfectant

Typical disinfectants need up to 10 minutes of contact time to be most effective. Benefect Botanical Decon 30 Disinfectant needs only 30 seconds to kill gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. 

This makes it a fast and efficient hospital floor cleaning chemical that you can’t do without. What’s more, there’s no mixing required. Benefect Botanical Decon 30 is ready to use, straight out of the bottle.

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You can safely use it against Staphylococcus aureus (Staph) bacteria as well as Salmonella Enterica, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa & Escherichia Coli (E-coli). And viruses like the Rhinovirus (common cold) and Influenza A are also no match for this disinfectant. 

Hospitals aren’t the only places where germs can run rampant. Dorm rooms, student hostels, and campuses are also at risk. Benefect Botanical is the best dorm room floor cleaning solution for keeping students healthy.


There are many floor-cleaning chemicals on the market, and most of them do a good job of cleaning away surface dirt and grime. But hospital floor cleaning chemicals need to go the extra mile. They must not only clean and freshen, but more importantly, kill the pathogens that cause disease and infection.

Thanks to our more than three decades of expertise in cleaning chemicals, we are a name you can trust for hospital-grade disinfectants and detergents. Browse our range of cleaners, stain removers, and deodorizers today.

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