Which Chemical Is Appropriate to Clean Restroom Surfaces?

Restrooms are always challenging to clean effectively, as there is a high build-up of dirt, grime, rust, mold, bacteria, and more due to the presence of moisture. But to do it effectively, which chemical is appropriate to clean restroom surfaces?

There are a few quality chemicals available that can be used to clean the surfaces in a restroom. Generally, the best type of products to look out for are professional cleaning products, as these are stronger and more effective. 

This article lists some of the best chemicals that you can purchase to clean restroom areas.

What this article covers:

Chemicals That Are Appropriate to Clean Restroom Surfaces

Groutmaster Tile and Grout Cleaner Pre-spray

Cleaning a restroom requires a lot of effort and strong chemicals, especially because there is generally moisture in the room, so there is a larger build-up of dirt and grime on the surfaces. From our experience, our Groutmaster Tile and Grout Cleaner Pre-spray is the perfect solution for this. 

chemical to clean restroom surfaces

This cleaning pre-spray is strong and effective in cleaning restroom tiles. It’s a two-in-one solution, as it cleans both the tile surface and the grout in between the tiles, making it an ideal product to also use as a pool tile cleaning chemical. This means you do not have to purchase and use two separate cleaning products, saving you time and money.

Why It's Great

  • Works well with cleaning equipment
  • Cuts through dirt and grime 
  • Safe to use on restroom surfaces
  • Can also be used on carpets 

Who It’s Right for

  • Professional cleaners working on restrooms
  • Those with large bathroom areas on the property
  • Fans of a two-in-one cleaning solution

Kick Acid for Grout Pack

If you are scrubbing away at restroom tiles but you cannot seem to shift the built-up dirt, then our Kick Acid for Grout Pack is exactly what you need. 

best chemical to clean restroom surfaces

We have found that this product works on the stubborn dirt and stains that other solutions fail to clean. It’s a strong chemical that is formulated for use on both tile and grout, especially in damper areas like a restroom. It could also work well as a gym floor cleaning solution.

Despite its strong composition, this cleaner is still biodegradable, so it’s safe to use without fear of toxic fumes, and it’s also environmentally friendly. 

Why It's Great

  • Stronger than other similar products
  • Shifts stubborn stains
  • Biodegradable 
  • No toxic fumes 
  • Works on both tile and grout 

Who It’s Right for

  • Those struggling with difficult restroom stains
  • Those looking for safe and environmentally friendly product options
  • Properties with restrooms that need a deep clean

Concrete Master

Many modern restrooms have adopted an industrial style, which is all the rage in the decor world. This means that many of the surfaces might be concrete or brick, and this requires a special type of cleaner for the effective removal of dirt. 

Our Concrete Master is the best product for this type of restroom. It’s a versatile commercial restroom floor cleaning solution that dissolves and washes away any dirt that has built up - including the hidden dirt that you may not be able to see. 

the best chemical to clean restroom surfaces

This product is a great investment, as it can be used on several different surface types, including concrete, brick, grout, and even tile. 

Why It's Great

  • Effectively cleans concrete surfaces
  • Versatile and works on many surfaces
  • Good value for money

Who It’s Right for

  • Properties with modern, industrial-style restrooms
  • Those looking for a versatile product
  • Those looking to get the most out of their investment 

Contec Sporicidin Hospital Grade Disinfectant 

If you are cleaning a hospital, old-age home, school, or any other place that has vulnerable occupants that cannot be exposed to various bacteria, then you need a good disinfectant. Our Contec Sporicidin Hospital-Grade Disinfectant is the strong product you are looking for. 

clean restroom surfaces

It destroys any bacteria, viruses, and more that are present on a surface in a matter of minutes. But despite its strong properties, it’s organic and will not cause health issues for those in the vicinity, so it can be used in a number of area types, like as a carpet cleaning solution in a nursery. It’s also environmentally friendly. 

You also don’t have to worry about the string disinfectant damaging the restroom surfaces, as it is quite gentle on whatever material to which it is applied. This is well used as a hospital floor cleaning chemical.

Why It's Great

  • Organic composition 
  • Does not emit toxic vapors
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Kills viruses, fungi, and bacteria
  • Safe to use on any surfaces 

Who It’s Right for

  • Hospitals, facilities for the elderly, schools, and homes
  • Those looking for a strong disinfectant that is not toxic
  • Fans of organic, environmentally friendly products 

Benefect Botanical Decon

Cleaning a surface might remove any dirt and grime present, but if you’re looking to remove any bacteria from the surface, this requires a disinfecting solution. Our Benefect Botanical Decon wipes out any bacteria from a surface in next to no time. 

which chemicals are appropriate to clean restroom surfaces

This disinfectant is as effective and pure as they come. It doesn’t contain any unnecessary additives and fragrances, so you do not have to worry about damage or harmful fumes for those around the area. It kills any bacteria from the surface in just 30 seconds, which is quicker than many other disinfectants. 

It’s safe to use in most areas, so it is the perfect cleaning solution to clean school floors.

Why It's Great

  • No added fragrances or synthetics
  • Safe for use in populated areas
  • Covers large areas or properties
  • Kills all bacteria present on a surface in about 30 seconds 

Who It’s Right for

  • Those looking for a quick disinfecting solution
  • Properties with vulnerable occupants 
  • Fans of unscented products 

Rob’s Solvent Sealer

Cleaning a restroom requires a lot of time and effort, but the need to clean this area regularly can be cut down with a good protective solution. With Rob’s Solvent Sealer, the surfaces will remain cleaner for longer. 

chemicals  to clean restroom surfaces

This sealing solution creates a protective layer on any surface, so that stains, spills, and more can be avoided, or if it occurs, it can be cleaned with little effort. 

It can be used on both hard and soft surfaces, such as carpets, tiles, stone, grout, and more, making it a versatile product and worthwhile investment. It’s considered one of the best carpet cleaning solutions for hotels.

Why It's Great

  • Protects surfaces from dirt and stains
  • Cuts down cleaning time and effort
  • Still allows the surface to breathe 
  • Versatile, and can be used on any hard or soft surfaces

Who It’s Right for

  • Those looking for a versatile product for all surfaces
  • Those wanting to cut down on cleaning time

Rave Spotter

When cleaning a restroom, you may come across a spot or stain that needs a little extra attention. Or perhaps there is a spill on the floor that needs to be cleaned up, but the rest of the floor doesn’t need cleaning. For these situations, an effective spot-removal solution is key. 

best chemicals to clean restroom surfaces

Based on our research, our Rave Spotter is one of the best of its kind available. When applied, it will dissolve even the toughest of stains, making them easier to clean. This solution is safe to use on any surface without concern about damage, like a dorm floor cleaning solution, plus it is environmentally friendly. 

Why It's Great

  • Targets spots and stain removal 
  • Safe to use on any surface
  • Environmentally-friendly

Who It’s Right for

  • Those doing targeted cleaning 
  • Properties with stubborn stains and spots 

Pig Out 

Occasionally you may have a tricky stain that cannot be removed with a normal cleaning solution. This could be an ink stain, a paint splatter, nail polish, and more. This makes it one of the best floor-cleaning chemicals for salons.

the best chemicals  to clean restroom surfaces

Our Pig Out stain remover is the perfect solution to target these tough stains on any surface. It is specifically formulated to remove these types of challenging stains and cut through them with ease. 

Because this will only be used for specific stains or spills, a little goes a long way and it will likely last you a very long time. 

Why It's Great

  • Removes tricky stains like nail polish, ink, paint, etc. 
  • Value for money
  • Only a small amount is needed at a time

Who It’s Right for

  • Those who need to clean targeted stains or areas
  • Schools and studios where crafts are used often 


A restroom is a hotspot for dirt and bacteria, and its surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. The best chemicals that can be used for this purpose are the professional products on offer.

Professional cleaning chemicals are specially formulated for use on certain surfaces, or specific cleaning purposes. This means that you can trust that they will clean out any dirt and bacteria from the surface. 

Chemicals That Are Appropriate to Clean Restroom Surfaces (FAQs)

What should be used to clean restroom surfaces?

To clean restroom surfaces, you will need a strong and effective cleaning solution. This can be paired with a good cleaning tool or piece of equipment to properly wash and scrub the surfaces.  

It is best to use hot water when cleaning restroom surfaces, as this works better to cut through any grime. 

How do you clean and sanitize restroom surfaces?

To properly clean a restroom, it needs to be both cleaned and the surfaces should be sanitized. 

A restroom should be cleaned before it Is sanitized. This means using a cleaning solution, water, and tools (if necessary) to wash the surfaces, and then using a disinfectant after this to sanitize. Doing it the other way around will result in the disinfectant being washed off, which makes it pointless. 

How often should you clean a restroom?

A restroom should be cleaned every day. With the activity and moisture in a restroom, dirt, and bacteria builds up much faster. 

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