Deep Clean Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are often used for floors and wall covers in homes because they are durable, easy to clean, and look great. But over time, dirt, grime, and mold can build up on the surface and in the grout lines. This can ruin the look of the tiles and make your living areas less hygienic.

Ceramic tiles need to be deep cleaned regularly to keep their beauty, extend their life, and keep your home clean and healthy for you and your family. But, deep cleaning tile floors is easier than you might think.

In this article, we'll show you how to deep clean ceramic tile thoroughly. With our practical knowledge and research, your tiles will soon look as good as new.

What this article covers:

Understanding Ceramic Tiles

Types of Ceramic Tiles

There are different kinds of ceramic tiles, and each has its own unique qualities that make it good for different uses and settings. Here are some popular kinds of ceramic tiles:

  • Glazed Ceramic Tiles: A thin coat of liquid glass protects the surface of these tiles, giving them a shiny look and making them resistant to water, marks, and scratches. Glazed ceramic tiles are a great choice for places like bathrooms and kitchens where there is a lot of moisture.
  • Unglazed Ceramic Tiles: Unlike glazed tiles, which have a protective layer on their surface, unglazed ceramic tiles do not. This makes them more porous and gives them a rough, natural look. They are often used outside and in high-traffic places, because they don't slip and can stand up to wear and tear.
how to deep clean porous tile floors
  • Porcelain Tiles: Porcelain tiles are a kind of ceramic tile that is made from more refined clay and fired at higher temperatures. This makes them thicker, less porous, and more resistant to wetness and cold. You can use these tiles both inside and outside.

Common Issues: Dirt, Grime, & Mold

Ceramic tiles can be damaged by several things that can impact both their longevity and their appearance. Here are some common problems:

  • Dirt and grime: Dirt and grime can build up on the surface of ceramic tiles over time, especially in places with a lot of foot traffic. Because of this growth, the tiles can look dull and ugly.
  • Mold and mildew: Mold and mildew can grow on ceramic tiles and grout lines in places that are damp and don't get enough airflow, like bathrooms. This not only makes the tiles look bad, but it can also make your family sick.
  • Staining: Spills and mishaps can stain ceramic tiles, especially if they are not sealed or are lightly colored. To avoid lasting stains, it's important to clean up spills right away.
  • Discoloration of grout: Grout lines are often the first places to look dirty or worn. Grout that is discolored can make your whole tiled surface look dirty and badly kept.
best way to deep clean ceramic tile floors

Essential Tools & Products for Deep Cleaning Ceramic Tiles

From our experience, to deep clean ceramic tiles well, you must have the right tools and cleaning products on hand. In this section, we'll tell you about some of the best items from Truck Mount Forums. We'll also tell you about home methods you can try and the best cleaning tools to use.

Top Product for Ceramic Tile Cleaning

The best way to deep clean ceramic tile floors is by using professional cleaning supplies. They're made to be gentle on your tiles while also dealing with any dirt or grime that might have built up.

That's why we offer our Groutmaster Tile and Grout Cleaner.

clean ceramic tile

Home Remedies for Ceramic Tile Cleaning

If you'd rather clean your ceramic tiles at home, there are several effective ways to do so. From what we've learned, these are some of the best home remedies:

  • Vinegar Solution: Fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and white vinegar. Vinegar's gentle acidity helps get rid of dirt, soap scum, and mineral buildup on ceramic tiles.
  • Baking Soda Paste: Mix baking soda and water together to make a thick paste. This mixture is good for getting dirt and stains off of floors and grout lines.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: Apply hydrogen peroxide straight to mold and mildew spots to get rid of them. Let it sit for a few minutes before you use a brush to clean it.
deep clean porous tile floors

Appropriate Cleaning Tools

For deep cleaning ceramic tiles well, you need to have the right tools. Some of the most useful tools for cleaning are:

  • Brush with Stiff Bristles: A brush with stiff bristles will help you scrub away dirt, grime, and spots from both floors and grout lines. Choose a brush with a handle that is easy to hold.
  • Grout Brush: A grout brush is a narrow brush that is made to clean grout lines well. Its small size makes it easy to get into tight areas.
  • Microfiber Mop or Cloth: You can apply cleaning solutions, rinse, and dry your ceramic tiles with a microfiber mop or cloth. Microfiber is soft and absorbing, so it doesn't scratch surfaces.
  • Spray Bottle: A spray bottle is useful for applying and spreading cleaning solutions on your tiles.

best way to deep clean ceramic tile

deep clean ceramic tile floors

Pre-Cleaning Steps

In our experience, before starting the deep cleaning process, it's important to get the area ready so that the cleaning is quick and efficient. Here are some important steps you should take before you start cleaning:

Clear the Area of Furniture and Appliances

First, clear the area of the tile floor where you'll be deep cleaning the ceramic tiles of any furniture, rugs, and tools. This step will give you easy access to the whole tiled surface, making it easier to clean and reducing the chance that your items will get damaged.

If you can't move big items like furniture, try to cover them with plastic sheets to keep any cleaning solution or dirt from touching them.

Sweep or Vacuum to Remove Loose Dirt

Once the area is clear, use a broom or vacuum to clean the ceramic tile surface of any loose dirt, dust, or other debris.

We've learned that this step is very important because it keeps dirt from getting spread around when you actually deep clean tile floors.

Deep Cleaning Your Ceramic Tiles: Step-by-Step Guide

Prepare the Cleaning Solution

Mix 1-2 scoops of Groutmaster with 1 gallon of water. Make sure you follow the suggested dilution amounts for the best cleaning results.

If you want to use home remedies, follow the instructions above to either make a paste or a spray solution.

Keep in mind that dilution rates can change depending on the product and how dirty your tiles are. Follow our guidelines and test the solution in a small, hidden area first.

cleaning ceramic tile

Apply the Cleaning Solution

Spray or spread the cleaning solution over the surface of the ceramic tiles, making sure to cover both the tiles and the grout lines. Give the solution a few minutes to help get rid of dirt, grime, and spots.

After the cleaning solution has had time to work, scrub the tiles and grout lines hard with a stiff-bristled brush. Work in small sections and pay close attention to dirty or stained spots, such as when you’re cleaning black marks off your tiles.

Cleaning Tile Grout

If your grout lines need extra care, clean them with a specialized grout cleaner like Groutmaster or a home treatment like hydrogen peroxide.

Scrub the grout lines well with a grout brush to get rid of any dirt, spots, mold, or mildew. Cleaning tile and grout is essential for the appearance and longevity of your tiles.

Rinse & Dry Tiles

Once you're done scrubbing the tiles and grout lines, use a mop or sponge to rinse the surfaces with clean water to get rid of any leftover cleaning solution, dirt, and debris.

To avoid water spots and lines, dry the tiles well with a microfiber cloth. This step also helps get rid of any dirt or cleaning solution that is left behind, leaving your ceramic tiles clean and shiny.

deep remove porous tile floors

Preventive Measures & Maintenance

Regular Cleaning to Prevent Buildup

Whether you’re cleaning ceramic shower tiles or tiles in your kitchen, it’s always important to set up a regular cleaning plan to keep dirt, grime, and stains from building up on your ceramic tiles. Sweep or vacuum the tiled areas often to get rid of loose dirt and dust. To clean the tiles, use a wet mop with a light cleaning solution.

By sticking to a regular cleaning plan, you can keep your tiles looking clean and new without having to do more intense deep cleaning.

Ventilation to Prevent Mold and Mildew

In places with a lot of wetness, like bathrooms and kitchens, you need good airflow to keep mold and mildew from growing. Make sure to use vent fans or open windows to increase airflow and lower humidity in these places.

Sealing Grout for Added Protection

Because grout lines are porous, they can soak up water, dirt, and stains easier than ceramic tiles themselves. Use a high-quality grout sealer to protect your grout and keep it looking clean and bright.

clean porous tile floors

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Even if you take care of your ceramic tiles and clean them well, you may still run into some common problems. Here are some ways to fix problems and deal with these issues:

Stains & Discoloration

If you see stains or spots on your tiles, you might want to do the following:

  • Track down the source: Find out what caused the stain, such as spills, leaks, or a pile of dirt, and fix the problem to stop more stains.
  • Clean Up: Apply a small amount of a cleaning product or a home solution straight to the spot. Scrub the area gently with a brush with stiff bristles or an old toothbrush, and then rinse it well with water.
  • Re-seal Tiles and Grout: If your tiles or grout lines tend to get stained, you might want to use a sealer to make them more resistant to stains in the future.

Persistent Mold & Mildew

If mold and mildew keep getting in the way, do the following:

  • Increase ventilation: Use exhaust fans, open windows, or buy a dryer to improve movement in the affected area.
  • Use cleaners with anti-microbial properties to kill mold and mildew germs and stop them from coming back.
  • Talk with an Expert: If mold and mildew problems keep coming back despite your best efforts, you might want to talk to a professional tile cleaner or mold removal expert to find and fix any deeper problems.

best way to deep remove ceramic tile floors

Damaged or Cracked Tiles

Broken or broken tiles can be ugly and could be dangerous. To take care of this problem:

  • Assess the damage: Figure out how bad the damage is and whether it only affects a single tile or several tiles.
  • Change any broken tiles: If the damage is bad or widespread, you might want to think about changing the tiles. You might need to talk to an expert tile contractor to make sure the tiles are put in correctly and stop any further damage.
  • Regular maintenance: Keep your tiles from getting damaged again by keeping them clean and in good shape. Dirt, water, and a lot of foot traffic can all damage tiles, but if you clean and seal them regularly, you can protect them.


So, if you're faced with a huge buildup of dirt or grime, you're going to need to deep clean your tiles. But it's easier than you might think. By following our guide, you can keep your tiles looking great and make sure that they last for years to come.

Remember that deep cleaning and taking care of your ceramic tiles are important for keeping your home clean and healthy. With the help of Truck Mount Forums and your commitment to cleaning the right way, your ceramic tiles will continue to shine.

And if you need to stock up on cleaning supplies, then we've got you covered. From carpet cleaning essentials to tile and grout cleaners, we've got everything you need right here.

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