Steam Clean Ceramic Tile

Tired of cleaning your marble floors but not getting them clean? It's time to use steam to successfully clean and disinfect your floors and walls. Steam cleaning is a fast, powerful, and eco-friendly way to get your ceramic tiles really clean.

In this detailed guide, we'll talk about the benefits of steam cleaning and give you expert tips on how to steam clean ceramic tile to get the best results. From cleaning ceramic shower tiles to removing black marks from your tiles, with our tips and tricks they’ll be shiny and new once more.

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Why Steam Clean Ceramic Tile? Exploring the Benefits

Steam cleaning ceramic tiles is a popular and effective way to keep your floors and walls looking nice and keep them in good shape. From our experience, there are a number of reasons why many people prefer steam cleaning. Let's dig deeper into these advantages:

  • Sanitization benefits: The high-temperature steam kills bacteria, germs, mold, and mildew, making sure that the area is clean and hygienic.
  • Environmentally friendly: Steam cleaning is better for the environment than traditional cleaning methods, which often involve using strong chemicals.
how to steam clean tile floors
  • Gentle on tile and grout: Steam cleaning is a gentle, non-abrasive method that won't damage your tile surfaces or grout lines. The steam gets into the pores of the tiles and grout, removing dirt and grime without needing a lot of elbow grease.
  • Effective at removing tough stains: The high-temperature steam breaks down the stains' bonds, making them easy to wipe away without strong chemicals or a lot of hard work.

Choosing the Right Steam Cleaner: Finding the Perfect Match for Your Needs 

Types of Steam Cleaners

From what we've found, there are different kinds of steam cleaners, each made for a different kind of cleaning job:

  • Handheld steam cleaners: These small, portable steam cleaners are great for cleaning small areas or sprucing up grout lines. But because they can't hold as much water or clean as well, they might not be the best choice for big spaces.
  • Steam mops: A steam mop is designed to clean floors, so they're light and easy to move. They're great for keeping ceramic tile flooring clean and in good shape, but they may not be flexible enough to clean walls or other surfaces.
  • Canister steam cleaners: Also called steam cleaning systems, these have a big water tank and a variety of devices that make them powerful and useful cleaning tools. You can use canister steam cleaners to clean big areas and many different types of surfaces, like floors, walls, tables, and more.
steam clean tile floor

Preparing Your Area for Steam Cleaning

Clear the Space

Before you clean a ceramic tile floor or wall, remove all furniture, rugs, and other things from the room first. This makes it easy to clean the whole floor surface and keeps your things from getting damaged by the steam or moisture made by the cleaning process.

If you can't get rid of big pieces of furniture, cover them with a plastic sheet or move them to one side of the room while you clean the other.

Sweep & Vacuum

Before you start steam cleaning your ceramic tile floors and walls, remove any loose dirt, dust, and debris from the surface of the ceramic tile. If you sweep and vacuum the area first, your steam cleaner will be able to focus on lifting and removing dirt and grime that is stuck in the floor instead of just pushing small debris around.

For the best results, our experience has shown that if you use a broom with soft bristles or a vacuum with a hard floor attachment. This will keep the tile surface from getting scratched. Make sure to pay extra attention to corners, edges, and grout lines, where dirt tends to gather.

Pre-Treat Stains

For tough stains or highly dirty areas, pre-treating the stains before steam cleaning can help loosen and break up the grime, making it easier for the steam cleaner to get rid of those stains.

can you steam clean tile floors

To get rid of stains ahead of time, you can buy a cleaning solution made just for ceramic tiles.

Follow the directions on the product and put the solution on the damaged area. Then, let it sit for the time given.

Preparing Your Steam Cleaner: Setting the Stage for Optimal Performance

Fill the Water Tank

Filling the water tank with clean tap water is the first step in getting your steam cleaner ready. The manufacturer's guidelines will tell you how much water you can put in it. It'll also tell you what kind of water you should use, such as pure or demineralized water.

Overfilling the water tank can lower the strength of the steam and possibly damage the steam cleaner, so it's important to follow the instructions closely.

Add Cleaning Solution (If Applicable)

Some steam cleaners let you add a cleaning solution to boost the cleaning power and give your ceramic tiles a fresh smell. If your steam cleaner has a place for a cleaning solution, make sure to use one that is made for steam cleaning and works with your machine.

steam clean ceramic tile floors

Set the Correct Temperature & Pressure

For the best cleaning results, different ceramic tiles may need different steam temperatures and pressures. It's important to look at both the tile manufacturer's suggestions and the steam cleaner's user manual to figure out what settings to use for your particular tiles.

Most steam cleaners have settings that let you change the temperature and pressure, so you can make the cleaning process fit your needs. Be careful not to use temperatures or pressures that are too high, as this could damage the tile's surface or grout.

By taking the time to prepare your steam cleaner the right way, you can make sure that it works at its best and cleans your ceramic tiles very well.

Step-by-Step Guide to Steam Cleaning Ceramic Tiles: Achieving Immaculate Results

Start at the Farthest Corner

Start cleaning with steam in the room's farthest corner and work your way toward the door. This way, you won't walk on the newly cleaned, possibly damp floors by chance, which could make them slippery or leave your footprints on the clean surface.

Work in Small Sections

For the best cleaning results, work in small areas that are easy to handle, about 3x3 feet. This lets you focus on each area and gives the steam enough time to get into the tile surface and grout lines, pulling dirt and grime and getting rid of it. Move the steam cleaner slowly and steadily across the floor, making passes that meet to make sure you cover the whole surface.

steam clean floor tile

Use Attachments for Grout Lines

To clean both the tile and the grout lines well, use a tool like a grout brush or tip that is made for that reason. With these devices, you can direct the steam into the grout lines for deep cleaning of your tiling which can help bring back the grout's original color. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's advice for how to use these tools with your steam cleaner so that you don't damage the grout.

Wipe Down Excess Moisture

After steam cleaning each area, wipe the tile surface and grout lines dry with a clean microfiber cloth to remove any extra water. This step makes sure that your tiles don't get water spots or lines and that they have a clean, streak-free finish. It also helps get rid of any dust and dirt that the steam cleaner might not have gotten.

Repeat as Needed for Stubborn Stains

If you find stains that won't come out or places that are very dirty, you may need to repeat the steam cleaning process to get the best results. If a spot is especially hard to clean, you might want to treat it first with a cleaning product that is safe for tiles.

how to steam clean ceramic tile floors

Be patient and determined. Steam cleaning is a good way to get rid of tough spots, but it may take more than one pass to get the results you want.

If steam cleaning isn’t going your way, then we recommend giving our Westpak Tile Blaster Wand or our Turbo Force Hybrid Tile and Grout Cleaning Tool a go.

how to steam clean a tile floor


Steam cleaning is a quick, easy, and effective way to keep your ceramic tiles in good shape and give them a new lease on life.

By using steam, you can clean and disinfect tile surfaces, get rid of tough stains, and protect grout lines without having to use harsh chemicals. To get the best results from steam cleaning, you need to be well-prepared, choose the right steam cleaner, and do things in the right order.

So, if you want to steam clean your ceramic tiles, don't forget to check Truck Mount Forums for the best goods and advice. With everything from carpet cleaning supplies to solutions for cleaning tiles, we've got you covered. This will make sure that your tiles look clean and new again. Happy steam cleaning!

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