How to Get Dog Smell out of Carpet

We know how much you love your dogs, but you also like having clean, fresh-smelling carpets. And the two don’t always make a good combination. But that’s a thing of the past because today we will look at how to get the dog smell out of your carpet.

A dog smell in your carpets and couches is usually caused by the shedding of their hair. The amount may differ depending on the breed, but all dogs shed hair and this is something that cannot really be avoided. But there are ways to deal with this issue, without the need to ban your pet from your living room. 

Simply follow the guide below and you will never again have to bemoan the state of your carpets after allowing your furry friend indoors. 

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How to Get Pet Odor out of Your Carpet

how to get pet smell out of carpet

Knowing how to clean the pet smell out of a carpet is crucial for any pet owner. There are several ways to remove that smell, including some tried-and-trusted home remedies. 

The baking soda method is very cost-effective, safe for most carpets, and completely natural. This tip will work just as well for couches and other upholstered areas. 

Baking Soda Method

Vacuum Your Carpet

The main cause of dog smell in carpets and upholstery is pet hair and dander that is trapped in between the fibers. Vacuum your carpet thoroughly to remove all the hair. 

To vacuum underneath furniture, or hard-to-reach corners, use the hose attachment without the foot piece. Or use a smaller portable vac if you have one, for those tricky areas.

Sprinkle Baking Soda 

how to get rid of dog smell from carpet

Next, take a box of baking soda and sprinkle the contents liberally over the affected area. For large carpeted areas, you may need 2 or more boxes. 

Using your fingers or a carpet brush, work this into the carpet if it has a deep pile. This will ensure that the baking soda gets down in between the fibers. Leave the baking soda on your carpets (or couches if necessary) for at least half an hour. 

Vacuum Again

Once the baking soda has sat on the carpet or couch for half an hour, you may vacuum up the contents. You can safely leave it a bit longer if the smell was very strong. 

But be sure that you vacuum thoroughly to remove all of the baking soda, especially if your carpet has a deep pile. Your carpet should smell clean and fresh again, as baking soda neutralizes unpleasant odors. 

The Best Solution To Pet Odors In Carpets And Upholstery

You no longer need to search for how to get the dog vomit smell out of the couch and carpet. The baking soda method will remove light pet odors. But if you are looking for the best solution to stubborn pet stains and odors, you can trust our USOR Unchained Urine, Stain & Odor Remover.

how to clean poop out of carpet

Why Does Dog Hair Cause This Odor In Carpets And Couches?

A dog’s fur contains oils that may give off a smell in your carpets. The best way to clean dog hair off carpets is to vacuum them, regularly. 

Aim to vacuum your carpets at least once a week in general, and in areas where your pet is allowed, daily if possible. And wash and brush your dog’s coat regularly, to prevent shedding hair from building up in your carpets and on couches.

How To Get Wet Dog Smell Out Of Your Carpet

A wet dog smell is particularly offensive, and you’ll want to treat this problem as soon as you can. But first, ascertain if the smell is actually from your dog. 

Some carpets, when they are damp, have a musty odor very similar to the smell of a wet dog. 

Deep Clean Your Carpet 

Either way, your carpet will benefit from a deep clean with a professional carpet cleaning machine like the Brush Pro 10” and a deodorizing product. Hot water extraction is the best way to tackle this problem. 

how to get dog poop smell out of carpet

And our carpet deodorizer like our Ecocide Citus Lush will take care of any lingering musty smell, replacing it with a fresh, clean scent. 

how to clean soft dog poop from carpet

But the important thing to remember is to allow damp carpets to dry fully before placing the furniture back. If couches etc are moved back into position onto a damp carpet, you will worsen the problem. 

The Best Way To Remove Wet Dog Smell From Carpets  

Use our Unchained Odor Remover to remove wet dog smell from carpets. It will also remove old urine smells from carpets and clean the dried dog pee from carpets. No pet owner with carpets should be without this wonder product. 

So get the product that is specifically designed for the job. It can also be used as a pre-spray before deep cleaning your carpets with a professional carpet cleaning machine. 

Does Dog Hair Cause Pet Odor In Car Carpets Too?  

Yes, it does, and one of the best ways how to remove dog hair from car carpets is to regularly brush the carpet or vacuum it with a mini vac. 

These are essential carpet care tools for anyone who transports their dog by car. Do this every time you wash your car, and it’ll be easier to keep your car looking and smelling clean.

clean dog poop from carpet


Pet hair and carpets are not a good mix. It leads to an unpleasant odor that no one wants. But with our easy-to-follow guide above, you will quickly and easily return your carpets to their best state. 

Almost any carpet stain or odor can be successfully removed when you have the right tools for the task. Trust us to take care of all your carpet woes with our range of professional carpet cleaning and care products.

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