How to Get Dog Smell out of Couch and Carpet

Dogs are our best pals, companions, and a fundamental part of any household and family. But, having our furry friends on our furniture can leave an unpleasant smell over time - so how do you get the dog smell out of your couch and carpet?

We’ve got you covered. 

There are several ways you can clean your couches or carpets to get rid of that dreaded dog smell and keep your house clean. While the goal is to get rid of the smell, it’s also important to Make sure you don’t damage your furniture in the process. 

In this article, We’ll look at how to get dog smell out of your couch and carpet, to help you restore your home to a spotlessly clean and fresh condition. 

What this article covers:

How To Get Dog Smell Out Of Your Couch

how to get dog smell out of carpet and couch

Wash Fabrics

If you have a material couch, you can look to wash the actual fabric around the cushions.

Many couches have zip covers, so it is easy to remove them from the cushions, wash them by hand or in a washer, and then pop them back on when dry. 

If you opt to do this, you should put them back onto the cushions while they are still slightly damp, as they can shrink if left to dry completely, making it difficult to fit around the cushions. 

Be careful with the cleaning products used, as you do not want to use anything too harsh that will affect the appearance of the material. 

Use Baking Soda

If you are hesitant to use chemicals on your couch, you can opt for a natural cleaner like baking soda instead. 

Baking soda is a popular way to remove the odor of any item, and it will not cause damage to your actual couch. 

All you need to do is pour some baking soda over the affected areas, and then leave it to soak up the odor. You can leave it for a few hours, or overnight if possible.

Once it has done its job, dust or vacuum the baking soda from the couch to remove it completely. You will find that the odor is gone, and your couch is as fresh as new. 

Steam the Couch

how to get pet smell out of couch and carpet

To clean your couch without the stress of having to remove the covers, and then squeeze them back on afterward, steaming the fabric is a great alternative. 

Steamers will eliminate any dirt and bacteria with hot steam to leave your couch spotless and free of any odor. 

The upside to this method is not only that it is quick and easy to do, but it also solely uses water, so you can avoid possible risks associated with harsh chemicals. 

If you do not want to invest in a steam cleaner for yourself, you can always look to hire one out once in a while for your cleaning purposes. This can also clean out dog puke from a carpet.

Air Out Furniture 

A little fresh air can go a long way in freshening up the look and smell of your couch.

Every few weeks, you can place your couch cushions outside to air out. Leave them in the sun for an hour or two, before moving them into a shady spot, so that the fabric does not fade. 

Keep in mind that this will be less effective the more severe the odor is, so try to do this as more of a preventative method either before the odor develops, or during the early stages. Do it consistently to keep your couch smelling fresh. 

Use Strong Cleaning Agents

If you pick out the right kind, nothing will work quite as well against dog smells on a couch or a carpet as strong, traditional cleaning chemicals for carpet cleaning

how to get rid of dog smell from couch and carpet

Do a bit of research first, and always check the ingredients, to prevent staining or fading the color of the couch fabric. The right chemicals will eliminate any odor in a flash, without any evidence of it left afterward. 

Spray Fabric Freshener 

For a quick fix to any bad dog smells on your couch, keep a bottle of fabric freshener handy. 

You can spritz some onto the affected areas, which will draw out and eliminate the odor, and leave your couch smelling clean. Opt for neutral or fresh scents, as anything with a distinctive smell can become overbearing. 

This is especially useful in a bind, such as expecting visitors over or showing your house to potential buyers. 

How To Get Dog Smell Out Of Your Carpet

how to get rid of dog smell on couch and carpet


If the dog smell on your carpet is caused by pet hair or fluff, using a vacuum on your carpet may go a long way in eliminating the odor. 

Use a vacuum cleaner that has a string suction and can remove dirt from small crevices for the best results. This will suction out any dust or debris from your dog that may be stuck to the carpet fibers, or even clean dog urine from the carpet itself. 

If the smell is due to more than just dog hair, this is still a good first step to eliminating the odor. This will make other cleaning methods, such as washing or steaming the carpet, a lot easier and more effective. 

A good vacuum can also be used for a vehicle, to remove dog hair from a car carpet.

Professional Cleaning Service

Sometimes you do not have the time or energy to remove dog odor from a carpet by yourself, and professional cleaning services come in handy for these instances. 

A professional cleaning service has experience and expertise, so they will know exactly how to eliminate a dog smell from any surface, including a carpet. They will be able to get it done quickly, and properly so that the odor is gone for good. 

In addition to their technical know-how, professional cleaners will also have knowledge of which cleaning agents work best on specific surfaces. By getting professional help, you may also reduce the risk of a damaged or bleached carpet. 

Wash Thoroughly Outside

If your carpet is easily removable, a good wash will be incredibly effective in cleaning out any unpleasant dog smells. 

Removing a carpet and placing it outdoors to wash makes the process easier, and prevents a damp carpet indoors which may not dry properly, cause an even worse smell, and possibly lead to mold within the house which poses a health hazard. 

how to get pet smells out of couch and carpet

To wash the carpet you can lather and scrub it with water and cleaning detergent, and then rinse it off with a high-pressure hose. Leave it out until completely dry, and then reinstall it in the house. 

This thorough cleaning method works well to remove runny dog poop from a carpet.

Use Pet Odor Eliminator 

There is a range of specific products, including anything from odor eliminators to concrete masters, on the market that are designed to eliminate dog smells. 

how to get rid of dog smell in couch and carpet

Our Usor Unchained Urine Stain and Odour Remover with Ecocide is one of the best available. It eliminates all molecules that cause the odor and removes any stains left behind, too. 

how to get pet odor out of couch and carpet

The remover is safe to use on stain-resistant carpets and leaves behind a pleasant, fresh smell after cleaning. 

Use a Carpet Cleaning Machine

If you have left an odor for too long, you can turn to a specialized carpet cleaning machine to get rid of the urine smell on a carpet

These heavy-duty cleaning devices generally use a spray and suction method to kill off remnants of dirt and odor on a carpet, resulting in a brand-new condition. 

This heavy-duty cleaning is also helpful to clean dog poop out of a carpet.

If dog smells are a recurring issue in your home, you may want to invest in a good carpet cleaning machine that you can use regularly to tidy up your space. But if you do not foresee needing to use it often, you can always rent one out from time to time. 

how to get rid of pet odor in couch and carpet


While dogs are a treasured part of our homes, the odor they leave on furniture and carpets can be unpleasant for the humans in the house. But with so many cleaning solutions and methods, this does not have to be a stress in your household.

When choosing the best way to keep your couch and carpet clean, be careful with any cleaning agents that may not be compatible with the fabric that is being cleaned. 

Once you have cleaned out the surface in question, try to maintain a regular cleaning schedule and use preventative measures like prespray, so that you are not faced with a built-up odor that needs heavy-duty cleaning

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