How to Get Dog Poop out of Carpet

Are you are faced with the problem of how to get dog poop out of your carpet? One of the unfortunate side effects of letting your dog roam the house is the occasional mishap on your carpets. While this can be very annoying, you don’t have to fear that your carpets will be ruined. 

Simply follow the instructions and tips in our carpet cleaning guide below. We address this problem from all angles and give you the best advice for professional and natural solutions.

So if your beloved pet has left an unwanted gift on your carpeted floor, take a moment to read our handy guide below.  And you’ll tackle the issue with confidence, leaving your carpets as fresh and lean as before. 

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How to Clean Soft Dog Poop from a Carpet

how to clean dog poop out of carpet

Begin as soon as possible to avoid staining your carpet. You may want to wear a pair of disposable gloves if you have them. 

  • Use a plastic spoon or similar item to scoop up the poop from the carpet’s surface. 
  • Do not use excessive force, which may push the fecal matter deeper into the carpet fibers. 
  • Place the poop into a trash bag and dispose of it without delay. Thereafter, follow the steps below for removing any poop stains. 

Soft dog poop will often be absorbed into the carpet fibers. This can leave a very nasty stain with a particularly bad odor. You will need to act quickly to prevent this discoloration and smell from worsening. Open the windows for ventilation, and proceed with the steps for removing dog poop stains, below. 

How to Get Dried Dog Poop out of a Carpet

Put on a pair of disposable plastic or latex gloves and remove the dried feces from the surface of your carpet. If you do not have disposable gloves, you may use baby wipes or a paper towel to pick up the dog poop.

Put the dog poop, and any paper towels or baby wipes you may have used, into a trash bag and dispose of them immediately. Dried dog poop, if removed quickly, will usually not leave a stain. The smell is usually the main issue. 

But if it has left a stain, proceed with the step-by-step instructions for removing the dog poop stain, as listed below. 

If, however,  the only issue is a bad odor, plain old baking soda usually does the trick. Sprinkle some baking soda onto the smelly area of your carpet. Leave it there for about 10 minutes, or longer in the case of a really strong smell. Then simply vacuum it up with a vacuum cleaner or mini vac. 

how to clean poop out of carpet

How to Get Dog Poop Stains out of a Carpet

Dog poop, especially if soft, can leave a stain on your carpet, as well as an unpleasant odor. But if you act quickly, damage to your carpet can be averted. Follow the steps below to safely and quickly get a dog smell out of your couch or carpet.

You will need the following items:

how to get dog diarrhea out of carpet

Step 1

Use the carpet stain remover product as instructed on the packaging, applying it with a soft cloth. Gently dab at the area without too much force. If the cloth becomes very dirty, start using a cleaner part of it or grab another clean cloth and continue. You don’t want to put the mess back into the carpet. 

Step 2

After a few minutes, rinse the area with a bit of cool water and soak up the moisture by blotting with an old towel. Repeat this until all the carpet cleaner residue has been removed from the area. Let the carpet dry naturally, and assess the area. 

Step 3  (Optional) 

While wet, it can be difficult to see if the stain has been completely removed. In cases where there is still some discoloration from the dog poop, or there were several stains all over the carpet, you may need to do a deep clean of the carpet instead. 

This can also resolve the issue of a lighter patch left after spot treatment. This happens when your whole carpet is actually dirty. Treating a stain can then leave the area cleaner than the rest, creating a bright patch. Deep cleaning of the entire carpet will fix this issue. 

This is also the best way to clean carpets after cleaning dog diarrhea from your carpet. You can use all of our stain removal products in conjunction with hydro-vac carpet cleaning machines. Always vacuum normally first though, to clean pet hair from your carpet as well as remove dust and dirt. 

How to Get Dog Poop out of a Carpet Naturally

If you have no professional carpet cleaning products available and need to remove dog poop from your carpet, there are many emergency hacks you can use. But you may prefer this natural home remedy. 

You will need:

  • 1 tbsp of mild dish soap - only use one that is bleach-free
  • 1 tbsp of white vinegar
  • 2 cups of cool water
  • A spray bottle
  • 2 clean, soft, white cloths 


Even natural carpet cleaning methods can carry certain risks to both your carpets and your health. Be 100% certain that the dish soap you use does not contain any bleach. This is because bleach will react with the acetic acid found in the vinegar. 

The chemical reaction between these two substances will cause toxic chlorine gas fumes, which if inhaled can cause respiratory distress and in certain cases, prove fatal. 

Step 1

First, remove the surface dog poop as detailed above. Next, make up a solution of the ingredients above in the spray bottle and do a test patch on a small, inconspicuous area of the carpet. If no discoloration or damage is observed, spray the solution onto the dog poop-affected area. 

Step 2

After a 10-minute wait, use the cloth to blot up the moisture. Take care not to rub at the stain, or use excessive force, but rather use a gentle dabbing motion. Excessive force will drive stains and smells deeper into your carpet. And rubbing can cause it to spread onto the clean area around the stain. 

Step 3

Pour a little cold water over the area and blot it up with the other clean cloth. This is to remove any cleaning solution residue. If necessary, use an old towel to soak up excess moisture. Leave the carpet to dry naturally.

How to Get Dog Poop out of a White Carpet

how to get diarrhea out of carpet

While the above methods will work just as well on a light-colored carpet, if you choose the natural option, you may need to use a ratio of vinegar to water that is closer to 50/50. 

As always, do a test patch on a hidden area of your carpet first, to be sure that it will not cause any damage. An example would be an area of carpet that is usually unseen, under a piece of furniture like a low coffee table.

Another popular method is to use hydrogen peroxide, but this can be harsh and we don’t recommend it for wool carpets. Instead, we suggest that you rather rely on a professional stain remover like the one listed below.


how to get dog poop smell out of carpet


In the Case of Lingering Odors

It can be tricky to get rid of pet smells in rugs. To eliminate lingering odors, sprinkle a cup of baking soda onto the affected area. Baking soda neutralizes bad odors and is safe and natural to use. Leave it for a minimum of 10 minutes, longer in the case of really strong odors. Then just vacuum it all up. 

For very bad odors, spray the stain with a solution made from equal amounts of vinegar and water before applying the baking soda. The resulting foam when the baking soda makes contact with the vinegar will add to the cleaning and odor neutralizing action. This is also a great natural remedy for cleaning dry pee out of a carpet.

But for best results,  use a product that has been specifically designed for removing dog poop odors and stains. Our USOR Unchained stain and odor remover will tackle any pet stain or odor that you face. 

It is a safe and reliable solution that uses the power of hydrogen peroxide and Ecocide to remove poop stains and odors on contact. It is also effective at cleaning up pee on carpets as well as removing old pee smell from a carpet

how to clean soft dog poop from carpet


Now you know the best way to get dog poop out of your carpet, as well as remove any resulting stains and odors. In the case of an emergency, and the absence of proper carpet chemicals, you may choose to use the natural methods listed above. 

But for best results, always rely on professional carpet care products that have been tested and certified as both effective and safe to use. We combine the very best natural ingredients with cutting-edge technology to provide you with solutions to all your carpet cleaning issues. 

How to Get Dog Poop out of Carpet (FAQs)

What is the best product to clean dog poop from a carpet?

The best way to get rid of pet vomit odor in your carpets, as well as dog poop stains, is with professional carpet products. And the best professional product to clean dog poop from a carpet is our USOR Unchained pet stain and odor remover. But home remedies are fine in a pinch.

clean dog poop from carpet

What is the best way to clean dog poop on a carpet?

The best method is the one that uses our USOR Unchained stain and odor remover product. It is the best way to remove dog poop from your carpet without causing damage and will achieve the best results. You can find this method in our section on removing dog poop stains.

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