How to Get Hot Sauce out of a Carpet

If you have any experience with hot sauce and clean carpets, you know the two don’t always go together. It’s because the hot sauce has some serious staining power.

Without the right cleaning methods, you’ll be stuck with a stained carpet that won’t come clean, no matter how hard you scrub. The frustration is enough to drive someone to completely remove their carpets. 

But before you turn to any drastic measures, here are some tried and true methods on how to get hot sauce out of a carpet. Below, we’ll cover how to remove Siracha sauce and Buffalo sauce and what to do if all else fails.

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How To Get Siracha Out Of A Carpet

how to get buffalo sauce out of carpet

Step 1: Soak Up The Siracha Sauce

Red colors stain quickly. To prevent this, it’s important to clean up as much of the sauce without spreading it further and do it as soon as possible. 

To do this, use a clean white cloth or a paper towel and put it on the stain. Soak up as much of the Siracha sauce as you can before taking another cloth or paper towel and soaking up more of the stain. 

When everything is soaked up, gently press on the stained area with a clean paper towel. If you have longer carpet fibers, separate them and try to clean the crevices. It’s important not to rub at the stain or to spread it further. 

Move on to the next step when you have soaked up as much of the sauce as you can. 

Step 2: Make A Vinegar And Water Solution

To remove the Siracha stain, combine water and vinegar. Use a ratio of 1:1 and put the mixture in a spray bottle. 

Vinegar works great for removing Siracha and is also effective at removing BBQ sauce from carpets as well as getting rid of tomato juice from carpets

Step 3: Apply The Solution

Spray a generous amount of the cleaning solution on the Siracha stain. If you would rather like to use professional carpet cleaning chemicals to clean the stain, we’d recommend Red Action. It’s specifically formulated to remove red stains and will leave you with a clean carpet that looks as good as new. 

how to remove hot sauce stain from carpet

Step 4: Apply Pressure

Next, you will need to apply pressure to the stain and the cleaning solution. Never rub at the stain because this only presses the stain further into the fibers, into the carpet pad, and spreads the stain to clean parts of the carpet. 

Just as you would blot to remove applesauce from carpets, you need to blot on the Siracha stain. Take your time and apply gentle pressure before pulling away. Soak up and remove as much of the mixture and the stain as you can. 

It’s important to use a clean, white cloth. A colorful cloth or a dirty cloth will release pigment or dirt which will get trapped in the carpet. 

Step 5: Repeat As Necessary

Repeat the above steps as much as necessary, until the Siracha stain is gone from your carpet. Make sure to use a clean cloth or thoroughly rinse the cloth before using it to blot on the affected area. 

When this is done, run over your carpet with carpet cleaning pre-spray to give your carpet a thorough clean. If there is an odor left from the garlic in Siracha sauce or the vinegar, USOR Unchained will have it gone in no time. 

how to clean hot sauce out of carpet

Enjoy your fresh-smelling and stain-free carpet and rest assured knowing you can remove any future stains with relative ease. 

How To Get Buffalo Sauce Out Of A Carpet

Step 1: Soak Up The Buffalo Sauce

The first step is to remove as much excess Buffalo Sauce from the carpet as you can. To do so, use a paper towel and gently put pressure on the sauce. Repeat this step until you have soaked up as much of the sauce as possible. 

If your carpet is plusher, it’s a good idea to separate the fibers and soak up the sauce between them. Don’t rub at the stain as this will only push the stain further into the carpet and spread it to clean carpet fibers. 

Step 2: Make A Dish Soap Mixture

Now it’s time to make the mixture you’ll use to remove the Buffalo sauce from the carpet. Mix 2 cups of warm water with 1 tablespoon of dish soap. 

Any cheap drugstore dish soap will do just fine. This method also works great when removing Soy sauce from carpets and help when getting rid of ketchup carpet stains

Mix it thoroughly and move on to the next step. 

Step 3: Apply The Cleaning Solution

how to get sriracha out of carpet

Use a clean white cloth to soak up some of the cleaning solutions and apply it to the Buffalo sauce carpet stain. Don’t rub at the stain. Apply gentle pressure and make sure not to spread the stain further on the carpet.  

Don’t use a colorful cloth or one with old dirt. The cleaning mixture could loosen the pigment or dirt and cause an even bigger stain. 

If you only have one clean cloth, fold it or change the side you use with every blot. 

Step 4: Remove The Cleaning Solution

Next, use a clean rag to remove the cleaning solution from the carpet. Wet the rag slightly and blot at the stain and mixture. Then rinse the rag. 

Repeat the above step until the carpet is free of soap and stain. You can use a water extraction vacuum to remove the water or wait for the stain to dry to see if everything has been removed. 

how to get hot sauce stain out of carpet

Step 5: Repeat As Necessary

Repeat the above steps as necessary to remove the stain. If you don’t feel up to the task or feel the dish soap isn’t effectively removing your Buffalo sauce stain, Super Gel will get the job done.

how to remove buffalo sauce stain from carpet

From getting rid of mustard from carpets to getting rid of candle wax and grease, Buffalo sauce will be no match for Super Gel.

When all is done, deep clean the rest of your carpet to match your new stain-free zone. If the Buffalo sauce left any odors, USOR Unchained will remove it in seconds. 

how to remove hot sauce from carpet


Don’t settle for stained carpets. With this guide on how to get hot sauce out of carpet, even the most novice cleaner will be able to effectively remove stubborn hot sauce stains. And if DIY solutions fail, you can also turn to Truck Mount Forums for carpet cleaning tools and equipment.

No one should have to deal with stained carpets, not when you can have them cleaned to perfection with TMF cleaning products.

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