How to Get Soy Sauce out of Carpet

A common ingredient in Asian food, soy sauce belongs in your bowl and not on your floor. But accidents sometimes happen, so what can you do about it? We understand your frustration. Luckily, there's no need to fret about how to get soy sauce out of your carpet.

Simply follow our guide below and you’ll have those spills and stains cleaned up in no time. In this article, we’ll cover the best professional methods, as well as home remedies for getting soy sauce out of your carpet. With our help, you’ll have it looking as good as new again.

What this article covers:

How To Remove A Fresh Soy Sauce Spill From A Carpet

how to remove soy sauce from carpet

First things first: the clean-up. As with most food spills, the most important thing to remember is that a speedy clean-up is essential. The longer that spills like soy sauce remain on your carpet, the more likely they are to leave a stain. This is especially true of lighter-colored carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

So before you do anything else, blot up the excess soy sauce from your carpet. You can do this with a paper towel or a clean rag. Take care to gently dab and not rub the sauce further into the fibers. This is particularly problematic in the case of deep pile carpets, so act quickly but gently. 

Use A Professional Clean-Up Solution

Hot water extraction is the best solution for soy sauce spills on carpets. We have several chemicals for carpet cleaning that are suited for this cleaning method. 

One of the best for all-around cleaning is our Ultimate All Fiber Rinse.

how to clean soy sauce from carpet

With this freshly-scented detergent, cleaning soy sauce or cleaning bbq sauce out of a carpet is a breeze. It is just as effective for getting apple sauce out of carpets, as it is for cleaning up the soy sauce. It is safe for use on all carpets, whether synthetic or wool. 

Home Remedy For Cleaning Up Soy Sauce From Your Carpet

If you do not have any carpet cleaning chemicals to hand, don’t stress. Whether you need to clean up soy sauce spills or clean hot sauce out of your carpet, you can use this home remedy in the meantime.

Be sure to order some professional carpet care products as soon as possible, though. They are always the best solution to carpet problems like soy sauce spills and other food stains. 

Results cannot be guaranteed with home remedies, whereas professional carpet cleaners and stain removers are tailor-made for the job.

You will need:

  • Warm water
  • Mild dish soap (bleach-free)
  • White vinegar
  • A spray bottle
  • An old, clean toothbrush with soft bristles or similar item
  • Soft, clean rags or old towels

how to clean soy sauce out of carpet

Step 1

Add a teaspoon of the liquid dish soap to about a cup of warm water, and mix these thoroughly in the spray bottle. Do not use liquid laundry detergent. It is not the same thing and will make the sticky situation even worse. It could even damage your carpet.

Step 2

Spray the area thoroughly, and leave it to sit for 5 minutes. Then use the old toothbrush to gently scrub the area. As you do this, you will see the soy sauce being lifted and coloring the soapy water solution. Blot up the excess moisture with one of the old rags.

Step 3

Now refill the spray bottle with 2 cups of clean water and a ⅓ cup of white vinegar. This will counteract the odor of both the soy sauce and the detergent. Spray the area as before, but do not make the carpet too wet. Wait a further 5 minutes, and blot up the excess moisture once again.

Step 4

Now, it’s time to remove any residual detergent or vinegar from your carpet. Refill the spray bottle one last time with clean water, Spray the area and immediately blot with a dry, clean rag or old towel. 

Repeat this constant spraying and blotting process until you are confident that you have removed all the residue from your carpet. Leave the affected patch of carpet to dry naturally. 

Treating A Dry Soy Sauce Stain

how to remove soy sauce stain from carpet

If you were unable to treat a soy sauce spill immediately, and it dried on your carpet or upholstery, you may be left with a nasty stain. But this does not have to spell doom for your carpets or couches. We have the perfect product for this problem.

Sauces can be a real problem for carpets because, unlike food spills, they are liquids. This means that they seep right into the fibers. But if you are faced with dark or colorful sauce stains, this can be even more stressful. 

Our Red Action stain remover is ideally suited to all colorful food, sauce, and soda stains, and even soy sauce is no match for its stain removal power. It is great if you need to get ketchup out of the carpet or remove red spaghetti sauce stains from the carpet

how to remove soy sauce stains from carpet

But because it works on all color stains, it is just as suitable for removing mustard stains from carpets. Its intensive stain removal action means that it will treat even dried soy sauce and other sauce stains, too.


When cooking, you have the best results when you use the right ingredients. And in the same way, there is almost no carpet spill or stain that cannot be resolved, when you have the right products.

Don’t risk damage to your carpets and upholstery with inferior methods and products. This will cause you stress and cost you money in repairs that are often easily avoided. Use our range of high-quality carpet care tools and products that are specifically designed to tackle dirt and treat stains gently yet effectively.

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