How to Get Applesauce out of a Carpet

A common side dish with roast pork or goose, applesauce is also popular as a dessert. But no matter how you enjoy your applesauce, one thing is sure. You probably don’t want to share it with your carpet. 

If you have accidentally spilled applesauce on your beautiful dining or living room carpet, you don’t need to fret. We compiled this guide, especially for you, so you can know how to get applesauce out of a carpet quickly and easily.

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How To Get Applesauce Out Of A Carpet

how to get apple juice out of carpet

As with every food spill, the most important thing is to scoop it up quickly. This will make cleaning up easier and will reduce the risk of stubborn staining. 

Scoop up as much of the applesauce as possible with a spoon. Toss the applesauce mess into a paper towel and the trash can, then proceed with the clean-up.

Professional Clean-Up

With the right carpet cleaning products, cleaning up applesauce on your carpet is a breeze. We recommend using our Black Label Soap-Free Rinse infused with Sweet Breeze odor remover. It targets odors and stains, and can also be used as a pre-spray for heavily soiled carpets. 

Step 1

This powder is best suited for hot water extraction machines and is safe for use on all synthetic carpets and upholstery. 

how to clean apple sauce out of carpet

Simply follow the instructions on the pack to mix up this cleaning product. You will need about 10-12 oz of Black Label Rinse in a 5g mix tank of hot water. This will treat carpets that have minimal to medium soiling. Adjust the strength for heavily soiled carpets. 

You’ll get rid of applesauce residue, odor, and stains in no time. You can even remove bbq sauce from your carpet with this product.

Step 2 

Use your carpet cleaning machine on the affected area of your carpet, or even the whole carpet. Follow the instructions that came with your carpet cleaning machine for the best results. 

It’s usually best to deep clean the entire carpet. Spot cleaning may highlight other dirt patches by comparison to the cleaned section. 

Step 3

After cleaning with the hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine, your carpets will be damp. It does remove most of the moisture though, so they’ll dry fairly quickly. Leave your carpet to air dry for a couple of hours.

Home Cleaning Hack

how to remove apple sauce stains from carpet

If you don’t have our cleaning chemicals available, don’t worry, there’s a cleaning hack you can try. We cannot guarantee the results that you’d have with our carpet chemicals, but it should clean up a fresh applesauce spill if you act quickly. 

You will need:

  • A bowl
  • Warm water
  • Mild dish soap(make sure it’s bleach-free)
  • A sponge (optional)
  • 2 soft cloths
  • An old, but clean and dry, towel

Step 1

Add a cup or 2 of warm water to the mixing bowl, along with a squirt of dish soap for each cup of water. Mix it with a spoon or your fingers, then dip the sponge or cleaning cloth into it. Squeeze the excess water out, and lightly blot the applesauce spill area of your carpet.

Step 2

Keep moving to a new and clean section of the cloth, rinsing it frequently. Or keep rinsing the sponge in the bowl, and then continue blotting. Once you are certain that you have removed all the applesauce from the carpet, switch to another, and proceed with step 3.

Step 3

Empty and rinse the bowl, then fill it with fresh, clean water and grab another soft, clean cloth. Moisten it as before, then dab at the area again, to remove any soapy residue.  Then press the old towel onto the spot to absorb any remaining moisture, and leave the carpet to dry naturally.

What To Do If It’s An Old Applesauce Stain

how to remove apple sauce from carpet

Sometimes, you can’t get around to treating a stain right away. If you simply scooped up the excess, and let the spill dry before getting back to it, there may be a discolored stain. This may only be noticeable on a white or cream carpet. 

If you’re faced with this problem, it’s not a disaster. Our product listed under the professional clean-up section will take care of it. Alternatively, try one of our innovative spot and stain removal products.

Stubborn Stains: Hot Water Extraction

Red Action is one of our top-selling stain removers. Despite its name, it works on stains of all colors. We highly recommend it for red food stain problems like removing a tomato juice stain from a carpet

how to get apple sauce out of carpet

It is just as useful for getting honey mustard out of the carpet and removing soy sauce from carpeting. Red Action makes treating old apple sauce stains easy, too. This liquid stain remover is best suited to hot water extraction cleaning on synthetic carpets.

Minor Stains: Spray And Blot

If the applesauce stain is minor and you just want to spay, blot and go, we have another revolutionary stain remover for you. It’s called Rave Spotter, and we know you’ll give it a rave review once you’ve tried it. 

remove set in apple sauce stain from carpet

This spot and stain remover comes in a handy nozzle spray bottle and is the fastest stain remover available on the market today. It’s non-toxic, pet-friendly, and works on all food and beverage stains. 

So you can use it on applesauce stains. But if you need to get rid of a hot sauce stain on the carpet or even remove a ketchup stain from your carpet, you can safely use this too. No home should be without this stain removal miracle. 


Applesauce and carpets are not a good combo, but with some speedy action and the right carpet care products, clean-up is simple yet effective. When you have our carpet cleaning chemicals and stain removers on hand, no mess is too much of a challenge. 

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