Commercial-Grade Concrete Cleaning Chemicals

When it comes to commercial-grade concrete cleaning chemicals, there is a world of choices, and it can be hard to determine the best cleaning solutions. That’s why, in this article, we break down exactly what cleaning chemicals you need, as well as recommend the best ones based on our experience.

You need a high-quality cleaner designed for concrete, as well as a stain remover, and a disinfectant, and then there are a few situation-specific chemicals, like odor removers. Let’s look at the top commercial concrete cleaners. 

We’ll give you the information you need on the best products for the job, which includes products that work in a variety of situations, as well as some products that are designed for specific instances, like tobacco odor removers.

What this article covers:

Professional Concrete Cleaning Chemicals

Concrete Master

The first essential thing to have when it comes to concrete cleaning is a cleaner specifically designed to get concrete looking brand new again. And from our research, Concrete Master is the way to go. 

best commercial grade concrete cleaning chemicals

This unique formula busts through the dirt like nothing else, removing any grime, stains, and discoloration. Whether you’ve got stains from old pooled water, or fresh spills, this is the concrete cleaner you need. It’s also an extreme degreaser, and we love it for commercial cleaning for car shop floors

Concrete Master has surfactants that have been concentrated from our GroutMaster formula, meaning that not only is this brilliant for concrete, but it also works like magic on tiles, grout, brick, and masonry. 

commercial concrete cleaner solution

Why It’s Great 

  • Leaves concrete sparkling clean
  • Gets rid of dirt and stains fast
  • Extreme degreaser
  • Works on a variety of other hard surfaces

Who It’s Right For 

  • People looking for an all-in-one professional concrete cleaner that removes dirt, stains, and grease with ease

Rave Spotter Stain Remover

While Concrete Master does an excellent job of getting rid of stains, some more stubborn stains require a dedicated stain remover. And our experience shows that there is nothing better than Rave Spotter. This stain remover is lightning-fast and handles even the toughest stains with ease. 

commercial concrete cleaner solutions

Because of its no-rinse formula, you can simply spray, blot, and walk away. Or you can stand and watch as the stain vanishes before your ideas. This is the ideal product to get rid of stains from oil, ink, food, grease, coffee, tea, cosmetics, wine, and much more. 

the best commercial concrete cleaner solution

If you regularly have to clean an abundance of rust stains, you can use Rave Spotter, but it might be a good idea to get a stain remover designed for eradicating rust stains like our personal favorite Rust Out. And if you’re dealing with carpets full of gum, grease, or wax, we recommend Super Gel.

the best commercial grade concrete cleaning chemicals

We do think it's a good idea to have both multipurpose products and ones for very specific issues. But if you only choose one stain remover, it would be foolish to not choose Rave Spotter, with its powerful formula that works on a huge majority of stains. 

Why It’s Great 

  • Instantly removes 98% of stains
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Soap-free
  • Pet-friendly
  • No-rinse formula

Who It’s Right For 

  • Anyone who is tired of pesky residual stains that won’t budge after regular cleaning with high-quality commercial cleaning products

Bioesque Botanical Antibacterial Disinfectant 

Every cleaning job requires you to have a high-quality disinfectant on hand to handle whatever the job throws at you. And after conducting research, our number one is the Bioesque Botanical Antibacterial Disinfectant.

best commercial concrete cleaner solution

This disinfectant uses natural ingredients to produce incredible results, killing 99.99% of germs. It uses Thymox technology, including a botanically derived active ingredient that fully disinfects while being environmentally friendly. The active ingredient, Thymol, is a natural anti-microbial agent.

This formula is so powerful that it doesn’t even need bleach or harsh chemicals to effectively clean, disinfect and kill all sorts of germs. It is effective in up to three minutes, making it much faster than the majority of competitors. 

The Bioesque Botanical Antibacterial Disinfectant is the best choice for disinfecting anything from floors in medical offices to the floors of server rooms. And when disinfecting, never forget about the importance of cleaning air ducts, where dirt can build up and cause health problems, or clog delicate computer parts.

best commercial concrete cleaner solutions

Why It’s Great 

  • Heavy-duty
  • Broad spectrum disinfectant
  • Bactericidal, virucidal, tuberculocidal, and fungicidal
  • No chlorine, phosphates, or harsh chemicals
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Fresh lemongrass grapefruit scent
  • Does not require PPE

Who It’s Right For 

  • Anyone looking for a disinfectant that can handle a wide range of different situations while also being nonabrasive and safe for daily/regular use
  • Cleaners involved in restoration situations where harsh chemicals are not appropriate

Benefect Botanical Decon 30

Having a great disinfectant is a key part of any cleaner’s arsenal, but different jobs require different products. For example, if you were cleaning a concrete floor in a kitchen or kindergarten, you might want to opt for a food-contact-safe disinfectant like Benefect Botanical Decon 30.

commercial concrete cleaning solution


Food-contact-safe disinfectants are called for sometimes, but you wouldn’t need one if you were looking for a commercial driveway chemical cleaner. This disinfectant is a good choice where toxicity is a concern, especially considering it has a no-rinse, no-wipe formula, even on food contact surfaces.

But being food safe isn’t the only thing that makes us love this disinfectant. It’s both bactericidal and virucidal and kills 99.99% of bacteria in 30 seconds. This is a game-changer because most disinfectants need to sit on the surface for 10 minutes to be fully effective. 

Benefect Botanical Decon 30 includes Thymol, a powerful cleaning agent that is a component of thyme oil. This means that its cleaning power derives from natural ingredients rather than synthetically derived chemical compounds. This makes it an excellent choice for clients who want effective natural cleaning products. 

Why It’s Great 

  • Effective, powerful disinfectant that is food-contact-safe
  • Kills both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
  • Pleasant aromatherapeutic smell
  • Made with whole natural essential oils
  • Contains Thymol for powerful natural disinfecting
  • No PPE required
  • No-rinse and no-wipe formula
  • Cleans, deodorizes, and disinfects

Who It’s Right For 

  • Anyone in need of a disinfectant that is both effective at fighting disease-causing germs and food-contact-safe
  • Cleaning teams working in restaurants, kindergartens, and schools
  • People who want more natural products that still get the job done

EcoCide Beachy Peachy Deodorizer 

Once you’ve got everything clean, sometimes you need to be extra certain that no pesky odors are left behind, and that’s where EcoCide Beachy Peachy comes in. Of all the deodorizers we’ve tried, this one is by far the best. What we really love to do is to mix this with our concrete cleaner for a delightful two-in-one. 

commercial concrete cleaning solutions

And your choices are not limited. If the idea of an ocean peach scent isn’t up your street you can get the same great formula in EcoCide Citrus Lush. Not only does this banish smells, but it also eradicates any mold or mildew.

best commercial concrete cleaning solution

And by far one of our favorite features is the fact that EcoCide Beachy Peachy reactivates when it comes in contact with water, so its benefits keep working long after you’ve applied it. It’s a perfect choice for getting concrete smelling fresh and is useful in a wide range of contexts, such as being a commercial cleaning solution for odors in funeral homes

Why It’s Great 

  • Eliminates odors instead of masking them
  • Non-toxic and non-irritating
  • Leaves no soil-attracting residue
  • Two great scent choices

Who It’s Right For 

  • Cleaners look for a top-notch deodorizer that can be used alone or mixed in with a concrete cleaner for maximum efficiency
  • Anyone on the hunt for an all-round deodorizer that works in a variety of jobs to clean a variety of different smells

Rob’s Reefer Rid

This isn’t going to be a must-have for every job, but it’s vital to be aware of it. One of the most difficult odors to remove is the smell of smoke, especially tobacco and marijuana smoke. It seeps into surfaces and will often linger even after a thorough cleaning.

And that’s why we love Rob’s Reefer Rid. It’s an incredible all-in-one product that does what competitors need 3 or 4 products to do. It permanently eliminates any lingering tobacco smoke smell.

best commercial concrete cleaning solutions

Its triple-action formula bonds, absorbs, and neutralizes odor molecules, solving the underlying issue rather than masking odors like some other products. It also leaves no residue behind, and can even be added to laundry to get rid of clothes otherwise ruined by tobacco smoke. 

Why It’s Great 

  • Powerful all-in-one product
  • Bonds, absorbs, and neutralizes odor molecules
  • Eliminates odor rather than masking it
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe on natural fibers

Who It’s Right For 

  • Cleaners who are looking for an effective single product to completely eliminate odors from tobacco or marijuana smoke

USOR Unchained

If you’re dealing with stains and smells from urine, then we recommend USOR Unchained, a custom-made urine stain and odor remover. It’s important to use chemicals specifically designed for the job at hand, like when it comes to commercial cleaning solutions for drain cleaning

grade concrete cleaning chemicals

Again, this isn’t going to be useful for every cleaning job, but its an essential to have on hand for dealing with urine stains and odor in particular which can be difficult to get out of concrete. This formula breaks down the molecular chain of odor-causing molecules, getting right to the root of the issue.

It also contains H202, hydrogen peroxide, which works to completely remove unsightly yellow stains and leave your surface looking brand new. It works on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces, making it a great choice for cleaning urine stains on everything from concrete to carpets. 

Why It’s Great 

  • Breaks down the molecular chain in odor-causing molecules
  • Eliminates the cause of odor rather than just masking the bad smell
  • Specifically designed to remove odors and stains left by urine 
  • Super concentrated formula is economical and harsh on stains
  • Safe on a variety of surfaces, including stain-resistant carpets

Who It’s Right For 

  • People who are looking for a product designed specifically to completely eradicate odors and stains caused by urine, whether it’s fresh or old
  • Cleaners searching for a peroxide-based USOR that can be added to other cleaning products to boost the efficacy

Hydro-Force SX-12 Cleaning Tool

This isn’t a chemical, but we had to include it on this list because the Hydro-Force SX-12 Cleaning Tool is indispensable to a concrete cleaning setup. This versatile tool works on tiles, grout, and smooth concrete. No matter how great your chemicals are, you need a quality tool to get the best out of them. 

With a 12” cleaning path, this speeds up cleaning concrete while also doing a very thorough job. It has a range of operating pressure from 700 to 1200 PSI, ensuring that it can handle whatever you throw at it. 

best grade concrete cleaning chemicals

Rather than having complicated settings, it has a toe-adjustable vacuum relief meaning that you can easily adjust suction strength without having to stop what you are doing. This machine works hard, and the stainless steel handle and high-tech polymer casing are designed to be durable

The Hydro-Force SX-12 has also been aerodynamically designed, allowing it to create a laminar-flow vortex, which means it removes water two times faster than other comparable models. And when it comes to cleaning this tool, the easy-access inline filter makes cleaning a breeze.

Why It’s Great 

  • Adjustable vacuum relief
  • Works twice as fast
  • 700-1200 PSI
  • Made from quality materials
  • Ergonomic design

Who It’s Right For 

  • Someone who needs a powerful professional cleaning tool that can handle anything from smooth concrete to rough stone and uneven tile


When it comes to commercial-grade concrete cleaning chemicals, there is a wide range of products that you need to have on hand to deal with whatever you find. Starting with a top-quality concrete cleaner like Concrete Master gives you a head start, but it’s important to also be prepared for challenges.

This means showing up to concrete cleaning jobs with the right tools and cleaning solutions like stain removers, disinfectants, and deodorizers. And now you know exactly which products to choose for the cleanest results. 

Commercial Concrete Cleaner Solution (FAQs) 

What Is The Best Chemical To Clean Dirty Concrete?

You need two things: a specially designed concrete cleaner and an effective disinfecting bleach. That’s why we love to use Concrete Master along with Bioesque Botanical Antibacterial Disinfectant. 

How Do You Clean Heavily Stained Concrete?

To get really resistant stains out of concrete, you need a stain remover formulated to work with the most stubborn stains, like Rave Spotter. We love how Rave Spotter is tough on stains but doesn’t damage the surface underneath. 

What Is The Best Way TO Clean Concrete?

The key to getting fresh-looking concrete is to opt for professional cleaning that uses a pressure washer like the Hydro-Force SX-12. This, in conjunction with the best commercial-grade cleaning chemicals, will work wonders on your concrete. 

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