Commercial Driveway Chemical Cleaner

Driveway cleaning is a tough and challenging task without the right tools, and it can be hard to know if you're doing it right. 

With the increasing demand for professional commercial cleaning services, choosing the best products for the job is a significant decision. 

Driveways are dirty and high-traffic areas, not just for people but vehicles as well, and can be incredibly hard to clean.  

So to clean a driveway well, you’re going to need some help from commercial driveway chemical cleaning solutions. 

In this comprehensive guide, we highlight some of the best commercial chemical products you can use to get your driveway looking spotless. 

What this article covers:

The Best Chemical Cleaners for Driveways

Concrete Master

As per our expertise, a favorite for cleaning concrete is Concrete Master. Cleaning concrete and driveways is challenging, and our cleaning solutions are up to the task. 

commercial driveway chemical cleaners

One of the toughest surfaces to clean is concrete, due to its porous and rough nature. You'd need a cleaner that can get into the little cracks and pores to get the dirt out. 

This is where concrete master comes in, a master at cleaning most hard surfaces and even one of the best chemicals for cleaning server room floors

This product works best when paired with a product such as a counter-rotating brush machine that can clean the hard surface.

best commercial driveway chemical cleaner

Our product is also perfect for cleaning bricks and cobbles for this reason. Although this product works for different surfaces, it is the perfect commercial concrete cleaner solution

Another big benefit is that concrete master cleaner leaves no scent when you’re done cleaning, unlike other chemical solutions that may leave unpleasant smells. 

The concrete master cleaner is perfect for driveway cleaning and is easily removed with hot water.

Why’s It’s Great

  • Specifically formulated to clean concrete surfaces
  • Able to clean in the small cracks and pores.
  • Easy to clean off with hot water.
  • Works on several hard, porous surfaces. 

Who It’s Right for

  • Great for anyone cleaning a large concrete area.
  • Perfect for people who prefer scentless cleaning agents. 

Groutmaster Tile and Grout Cleaner

For outdoor tile and grout cleaning you need a premier cleaning agent that works extremely well on tile and grout surfaces. 

Our Groutmaster product is just what you need. It's ready to clean the filthiest grout and tile surfaces without much pre-scrubbing required. 

commercial driveway chemicals cleaner

Based on firsthand experience, this product cuts through grease and dirt because of its blend of chemicals and works well in residential or commercial spaces. 

Our product isn’t potent enough to be used in construction sites or commercial site clean-up solutions, making it perfect for commercial cleaning of residential locations.

As indicated by our tests this product does not stain or ruin stainless steel equipment or appliances it comes into contact with. 

Be sure to clean any overspray when working with Groutmaster during your cleaning process. 

A big plus for commercial cleaners who need to clean several different types of surfaces is that this product acts as a carpet cleaner booster. 

Mixing this product with your carpet cleaner and using a product such as an SX 12 floor cleaner will clean your carpets like magic. 

the best commercial driveway chemical cleaners

It’s the perfect cleaning solution for driveways featuring grouted tiles and stone. 

Why It’s Great

  • It works perfectly well on stone, tile, and grout and can even be mixed with a carpet cleaner. 
  • It rarely needs any pre-scrubbing to work effectively.
  • It’ll clean off easily with just hot water. 
  • It works within 5-10 minutes of spraying

Who It’s Right For

  • Perfect for anyone who needs to clean large areas of tile and grout quickly and efficiently. 
  • It’s great for commercial cleaners who clean a variety of surfaces, including carpets. 

Acid Kick

When your cleaning arsenal needs a bit of kick for tough stains and grime that don't seem to respond to other chemicals Acid Kick is there to save you. 

the best commercial driveway chemicals cleaner

It is a product specifically formulated to remove stubborn dirt from tile, grout, and other hard surfaces.

This product is perfect for tough grime and grease that other cleaning solutions just can’t seem to get rid of. 

Our product is also well known for its use as one of the best cleaning solutions on floors in medical offices due to its strength. 

When combined with a machine such as the orbital floor scrubber, tricky driveway, and outdoor stains don’t stand a chance. 

the best commercial driveway chemicals cleaners

Despite its strong formula and acidic pH, it is still biodegradable and safe to use in residential settings as well as commercial cleaning solutions.

Based on our observations, this product, despite its composition, released fewer vapors than other typical acid cleaners.

Why’s It Great 

  • Stronger composition than typical acid cleaners
  • Perfect for stubborn stains in outdoor areas
  • It’s Biodegradable
  • Less toxic fumes than competitors

Who It’s Great For

  • Anyone struggling with stubborn stains and dirt
  • Cleaners looking for environmentally friendly and safe product
  • Anyone who needs a strong acid cleaner than typical cleaning solutions

USOR Unchained (Urine Stain & Odor Remover)

A big problem many commercial cleaners run into when cleaning outdoor driveway areas is pet odors and stains. 

Pet stains and odors penetrate the porous surfaces of driveways and tiling and are incredibly difficult to get rid of if left unchecked. 

This is where USOR Unchained comes in to aid you in removing those stains and odors. 

commercial driveway cleaners

This stain and odor remover is concentrated, unlike many typical cleaning agents you’ll find that are often less potent. 

A specific, high-grade formula allows our stain remover to destroy odor-killing molecules on contact and leave your area smelling great. 

This product will remove odors and leave driveways and other hard surfaces clean and smelling great with a lovely “sweet breeze” fragrance. 

This product is designed with no unnecessary additives, no filler, and the necessary potency to clean just how you need it to. 

It’s always important to avoid skin contact when working with chemical cleaning agents and the same applies to USOR unchained

Why It’s Great

  • Removes stains and odor and leaves a clean fresh fragrance
  • Easily removed with a hot water spray
  • The high-grade formula works quickly and removes stains and odors for good
  • Works great on carpet, upholstery, and hard surfaces

Who It’s Great For

  • Commercial cleaners looking to remove pet stains and odors quickly and efficiently
  • Anyone struggling with stubborn pet stains and odors
  • For those who prefer a light fragrance instead of a strong scent from their cleaning solutions

Rob’s Solvent Sealer

As time goes on and dirt builds up, hard outdoor surfaces build up grime in deep cracks and pores, becoming more difficult to clean like new again. 

As a preventative measure for dirt and grime build-up, a sealer is the perfect product to get the job done. 

Rob’s Solvent Sealer creates a protective barrier on the surfaces of tile, stone, and grout to lessen dirt build-up over time.

commercial driveway cleaner chemicals 

This product is an impregnating sealer, you can use on stone, tile, grout, and carpets. Rob’s solvent sealer is a great commercial cleaning solution for car shops.

An impregnating sealer seeps into the surface and creates a chemical bond in the material to prevent the build-up of oil and water-based contaminants. 

A big plus to this product is that it protects and seals without changing the texture of any surface. It does all this without containing any VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in its formula.

It’s still important to remember to take precautions when working with any kind of chemical cleaner. 

Why It’s Great

  • It's a “haze-free” solvent-based sealer
  • Formulated to work on both hard and soft surfaces
  • It leaves the surface with its original texture and doesn’t change it with use. 
  • 99% scent free 

Who It's Great For

  • Anyone looking to prevent dirt build-up and preserve surfaces when cleaning.
  • Commercial cleaners looking for a product to leave a long-lasting, dirt-prevention effect on cleaned surfaces

Rave Spotter

When cleaning driveways and outdoor surfaces, it’s inevitable to come across tough spots and stains that just won’t budge. 

When you encounter these problems, focused stain and spot removal are what you should look into.

A product perfect for this issue is Rave Spotter, which is specialized in targeted spot and stain removal.

the best commercial driveway cleaner

Its composition is potent and effective, yet, it’s safe and non-toxic, so you don’t need to worry about any harmful fumes when cleaning those tough stains.

Our product contains no harmful VOCs making it perfect for commercial and residential cleaning. It’s even soap-free and pet friendly. 

Even so, as with all chemical cleaning agents, you must wipe away any overspray and maintain standard precautions when handling chemicals. 

Our findings show that this product is best used as a targeted stain removal and should be used along with general cleaning products for the best results. 

When applied to a stain, it will dissolve and break up dirt, oil, and grime. Within seconds of spraying the surface can be cleaned. 

Whys It’s Great

  • It works in seconds and can be cleaned off immediately with hot water and other cleaning agents.
  • Made of a safe and non-toxic formula for commercial and residential use
  • Environmentally friendly and pet safe
  • Easy to use

Who It’s Great For

  • Commercial cleaners looking for a quick and easy focused stain removal solution
  • Anyone struggling with stubborn stains and marks that just won't go away


Whether you’re looking for commercial products or looking to do some intense residential cleaning, professional products are your best bet. 

Our products are specifically formulated to be the best in the business and are trusted and used with good reason. 

Chemical cleaning agents with rotary brushes, floor machines, and tools like the turbo floor cleaner ensure the best results. 

best commercial driveway cleaner chemicals

All the products listed are perfectly safe for driveways and outdoor surface cleaning, and many can be used on multiple surfaces. 

A general rule of thumb for cleaning driveways is every six months, but a variety of factors can affect this.

If your driveway is under many trees and builds up dirt and grime relatively quickly, it may be best to clean it more often. 

With commercial cleaning products like these, you can ensure proper cleaning and less build-up of dirt over time. 

Commercial Driveway Cleaning (FAQs)

How long does it take to clean a driveway?

A regular-sized driveway usually takes 6-3 hours to be professionally cleaned. This time can increase or decrease depending on equipment, the amount of dirt, and the size of the driveway. 

Opting for a full restoration will often take longer than general cleaning and can add a few hours to the total time. 

Do you need a rotary brush or floor-cleaning machine?

Commercial cleaning services use and need proper equipment and machines to do a proper job of cleaning driveways and outdoor surfaces. 

Cleaning without these tools and products is an option, but the difference in results is worth noting. Tools and machines can deep clean driveways and leave them looking like new. 

What causes moss and weeds to grow in a driveway?

Cracks and gaps in the surface of a driveway can allow for weeds and tiny plants to thrive. Sand that gets trapped in those cracks provides a perfect environment for mosses to grow. 

By regularly sweeping and clearing dirt from your driveway you can slow down the process of mosses and weeds from growing in your driveway. 

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